In a strange way, the trip home marked the end of summer for me. It’s the last trip I get to go on. There are trips for business, and they have some camping trips, but in terms of my personal summer, it was the end. I know there will be nice weather, and the local adventures won’t stop. In a strange sort of way, with her starting back at school, I’ll get more freedom and more adventures of a different sort, but still. It marked the sunset of Summer for me personally. But it was wonderful to have that perfect ending with warm weather, sunshine, brilliant fields of green, and lots of laughs with friends.

I can start the next chapter, with it’s Fall and Pumpkin adventures *I personally hate everything Pumpkin Spiced so it’s a really difficult season for me on social media* knowing that I did my best to appreciate all the beauty that Ontario has to offer.

If I can share just one word of wisdom from the Summer, it’s this: travel. And don’t think about unknown far off, exotic escapes. Travel locally. See what your Province, County, or town has to offer. It might surprise you with it’s beauty. And let it.

Dress – Spell Designs
Hat – bought in Las Vegas
Sunnies – Black Daffodil
Boots – Gypsy Found Objects