Recently I found myself in Brooklyn for a couple of days. I went there on a gig, so I had very little time to myself. Basically, I had a few hours in the morning on the day of the gig to walk around and wander around Park Slope. It was delightful, and that early in the morning the only people that are up are my people: parents to young children. I recognized the tired ones, and the ones who had adjusted and started to thrive in the early mornings. That’s one thing we parents don’t share with the rest of the world, despite the tiredness, there’s much that can be accomplished and grasped for oneself once you get used to waking up early. Carpe diem, am I right? I also treated to an almond milk latte and croissant *even though I’m fairly gluten intolerant, I can cheat once in a while*

There’s a lot more phone pics and choronicling of the journey on my instagram stories. You can totally check that out if you’re curious – @joannahaughton

Dress – Spell Designs *altered*
Shoes – Call It Spring