Certain things really stress us out: health, work, and love. They do so for a good reason. They’re important things that matter and affect us greatly. Certain other things….

…well, they shouldn’t really stress us out, and they don’t really matter. But try telling that to my brain.  Like, wanting to buy an orange dress but knowing that I don’t look good in orange. Now that is stress! *I’m sorta kidding, but sorta not*  Here’s the thing. People look better in some colors than they do in others. There’s that whole “what are your colors?” thing – which I don’t fully ascribe to, but I do know that I look good in cooler tones, richer gem tones, etc. I don’t look good in Autumn colors – ones that have a lot of warmth *don’t read too much into that now!*  Hence, I stay away from oranges, yellows, warm reds, and taupes.  And whay I love, black, white, grey, deep reds, blues, and turquoise.

Buuut, Arnhem came out with their newest line, Bloom, and while I liked the charcoal colors, I wasn’t keen on the pinks in it *lately, I’ve gone off pinks a bit*. Plus, I could not tear myself away from the orange color way. This dress, the flow and the orange. Something about it just made me swoon and twirl in my computer seat – and yes, that’s possible if your seat spins. So, I took the risk and went out of my comfort zone. Now, I think *I hope?* it worked out this time. But no, you won’t be seeing yellows on here…just the regular blues and jewel tones.  all ice queen and no warmth from me. Did you expect anything else?

Dress – Arnhem
Top – Bicyclette boutique *now closed*
Boots – thrifted
Necklace- Etsy
Sunnies – F21