“I found that dance, music, and literature is how I made sense of the world…it pushed me to think of things bigger than life’s daily routines…to think beyond what is immediate or convenient.” – Mikhail Baryshnikov

I don’t care if it’s Winter. I don’t care if it’s cold. When I’m going to go dance I want some kick ass boots and something to swish in. Okay fine, sometimes a fitted dress is great – all slinky and stuff. But man does a sweet ruffled mini hit the spot on the dance floor. And when you’re sweaty and grooving until almost three in the morning, this kind of swish makes you happy. This kind of dance makes sense. I needed to move. I needed it to get all the stuff inside me out. I needed it for the release. I believe we as humans, need to move our bodies. Dancing was a communal tribal thing, and it not only brings us together, but as individuals there are things that only get worked through in movement. We’re animals, let’s face it. And I need to get certain energies out of me in a room full of friends, moving my body to music in a carefree way. Take it from one of the greatest dancers, he’s a pro.

Top – UO
Skirt – Auguste the Label via Turquoise Lane
Boots – ASOS