You need those people who lift you up. You need that person who says you’re amazing when you’re feeling far from it, who says you’re beautiful, when you’re feeling your ugliest, who tells you you’re brilliant when you feel completely lost. It doesn’t have to be your spouse, though it’s great when it is, but it does need to be someone. Someone who means it and isn’t bullshitting you or giving you a cliche. Friends are usually where it comes from, though like I said, it’s great when it comes from a partner – I would hope they think you’re the shit.

My point is getting muddled. What I mean to say is you need those people somewhere in your life. And I like to collect them. They’re better than fine wine, they’re better thank anything. But the best part about those people in my life, is that I feel the same way about them as they do towards me: I think they’re amazing, beautiful/handsome, and brilliant. I protect them fiercely. I Mama Bear the shit out of it – ask anyone who ever got into a relationship with them. But I collect them and treasure them.

Basically this is a love letter to the people in my life. Know that I love you when I hug you, when I laugh with you, and when I kiss you. *Don’t get pervy on me here – cheeks, and head kisses count here babes*  I will get up in the middle of the night for you – I’ll answer that 3am call.

Dress – Free People via Gypsy Found Objects in Toronto
Jacket – Bershka, gift from my Cousin
Belt – F21
Boots – ALDO
Socks and Sunnies – UO or F21 (I forget)
Necklace – Threadsence

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