That’s what assumptions do. Assumptions about people more often than not prove to be false, and frankly, reveal a lot more about the person doing the assuming.  I hate when people look at my behavior and assume they know me and my past. It’s really disconcerting and usually grossly wrong. But what can you do, am I right? Like T-Swift has said, “Haters gonna hate hate hate.”

And as easy as that is to say, it hurts. It hurts a lot when people put things on you that aren’t true, and you just want to say, “Hey, get to know me. Ask me questions, and you’ll find out how wrong you are.” But all I can really do is wish them well, and send them on their path with love.  Then surround myself with those who love me, and friends that build me up. So because I know people are doing that to you, I’m telling you, “You’re more than the sum of what they think.”

Jacket – Spell Designs
Dress – Bershka *really old*
Boots – Call It Spring
Socks & Sunnies – Free People