My lovely girl is in that “twinning with Mommy” phase. I think every girl goes through it, I know I certainly did. With my mom though, it was easy as she is so short and petite that at the time we could both shop in the kids section for the same dress. I’m a bit taller and past the kids section, so I had to take to the fabric store and the sewing machine. ¬†One weekend and some crochet and lace detail later, and we had twin dresses.

As you can see, she’s just as poised and elegant as her mom. *she says with a smirk*

Dresses – made by me
Jacket – Bershka c/o of my fabulous cousin
Socks & Sunnies – Free People
Boots – Aldo
Necklace – Etsy, and I forget which shop
Bag – hand me down, Lucky Brand