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When She Lets Me

Some days she loves photobombing.

Snow Day

I woke up to a snow storm. I woke up to a silent house.

Mini Me

My lovely girl is in that “twinning with Mommy” phase.

That Christmas Eve

That’s the big night for us Polish folks. It’s not Christmas Day, it’s the eve.

Summer Sales on Melijoe


Clearly *clearly* my girl loves playing around in her Melijoe Dress. She gets a huge kick out of running around in it. And I’m really impressed with how it’s held up considering the shenanigans she puts it through.

Also, I don’t know about you but I’d like to think I’m a pretty savvy mom.  A mom who spends her money wisely. So I love a good sale. When the sales come out, I stock up on this seasons, and next seasons goodies.  And oh yeah, you guessed it, Melijoe is all about the sales right now. I’m talkin’ up to 60% off!

I’m really loving the brand Petit Bateau on the site.  It’s a lovely mix of cute and classy.  Kind of how I think of my girl, until she plays in the mud of course.  But then there’s always Desigual, which I’m such a sucker for.  I mean look at this dress!

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Peace, Hearts, and Cupcakes


Me and My Girl headed out on a Queen St. West date *for those of you not familiar with Toronto, it’s one of many lovely neighborhoods with shops, cafes, and all kinds of other fabulous things* When asked what she wanted to wear, my Girl reached for her new favorite thing – her “peace dress” from as she calls it.

She’s kind of obsessed with her new Melijoe dress.  She loves all the colors, and the hearts pattern, but mostly she just adores the peace crochet cutout on the back.  And she’s constantly posing to show it off.  Except when faced with a chocolate cupcake. Then nothing except two chocolate cupcakes could rival for her attention.

I love the dress for the fact that it’s a piece sign and y’all know I’m a big ‘ol hippie.  But despite how intricate it looks, it’s also really simply structured which means that it never gets in the way of all her shenanigans. Or cupcakes.  ‘Cause you know, priorities.



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“Safety Demonstration”


My fabulous little girl got her birthday present a touch early this year.  She picked out her very first big girl bike and of course got a matching pink helmet to match.

But the best is when she educated us both on the reason and use of a helmet, but squatting and smacking her helmet against the ground….while wearing it.

Girl with Attitude


Remember when I talked about my girl’s burgeoning fashion sense last month? Well, through a series of events, we *read: her, totally her* ended up choosing some different items instead of what I had envisioned. Which is fair, she should get to choose.

When they came she was more than a little excited to get to wear them.  Melijoe does not disappoint. Everything is really great quality: the tutu is fluffy but solid, and the shirt is super vibrant and soft. Comfort is such an important factor for me with her wardrobe.

As luck would have it, Daddy’s birthday was only two days away.  So we saved them for the special day.  She got all dressed up with tights and her ‘pretty shoes,’ and rocked her purple sunnies, pink tutu, and New York shirt with nothing but serious attitude.



Top and Skirt – c/o Melijoe  //  Tights & Sunnies – Children’s Place  //  Shoes – hand me downs. 

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Chess Player


He taught her to play chess. She’s become obsessed with it and continually bugs him to play.  It’s the best thing to watch.

My Little Girl’s Fashion Sense

Having a little girl is seriously fantastic.  She plays video games with Dad like a pro – except for when her gaming is reduced to one hand ’cause she’s sucking her thumb – and she has such a silly sense of humor.

I’m personally very excited to see her tastes and style developing.  There are weeks when all she wants to do is wear dresses, then there are purple days, and pink days, and blue days, and days where she looks through her drawer for a specific shirt. It’s really interesting to watch this person decide how to dress everyday.  Then there are the days she doesn’t care of course.

On those days I get to have a little fun.  That’s when I pull out that shirt or dress I wanted to see her in.  You see I usually prefer to go with her tastes and give her that freedom.  But on these days I get to make the call.

So when this shirt from Melijoe arrives, it’s going to be pulled out on my day.  Though to be fair, with it’s bright colors and vibrant patterns, I have a feeling she’ll want to wear it as soon as it arrives.  I’m starting to get to know her tastes, and Desigual is right up her alley.

 Desigual is a Spanish brand I discovered many moons ago when travelling through Europe, and it’s a touch hard to find in Canada.  It’s easier to find their women’s line, but their children’s line is such a challenge to track down.  I was really excited to see that Melijoe carries it, but to be fair they have a lot of really great brands in their online shop, so it’s not much of a surprise.  Their online shop is filled with tons of cute pieces for children and teenagers. I could go crazy there.

I have a feeling she’s just going to run off with the shirt when it arrives.
I just hope she gives me time to wash it first before she skips off to school in it.

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