Growing up, in school, I was bullied. A lot. Well, enough that it felt like a lot, and certainly more than others. I was the target for more than one mean girl. And in high school, I grew the “F**k you” attitude of “I’m going to be the weird kid and act like I don’t give a shit, so you can’t hurt me when I’m not the cool kid.” But let’s be real, not fitting in hurt. Until now.

Recently, my girl was the target of a mean girl incident. And seeing her little face, and seeing her hurt eyes. I thought, “Man, this shit is gonna be hard.” I thought going through my own hurt was hard, going through all her pains while being able to only watch, support, and love. That is going to be rough. I’d love to spare her the pain. But every kid has pain growing up, and frankly, having two very nerdy parents, she’s screwed. So yeah, I’m not looking forward to the next ten years in terms of that. Hell, I’m not looking forward to the rest of her life in terms of that – wishing I could take away her pain.

Watching her grow up and deal with means girls is gonna be rough. It’s going to be such a test of patience to not smack those chicks upside the head too. It’s going to be difficult knowing that my love and support do not solve the problem.

But mostly, that shit is gonna hurt.

Jacket – Le Chateau
Denim Shirt – Spell Designs
Top –
Pants – Novella Royale via Revolve
Boots – Aldo
Necklace – Etsy