Yesterday I posted an honest and not so pretty post on Instagram, and the response from the community was so lovely. It ranged from simple sending love, to people sharing their “Me too!” experiences, to just some plain ole joyfulness. It’s so amazing to have this community with people from all around the world where we can support and encourage one another. It made me smile.

There are some truly wonderful people out there.

Oh and let’s look at Toronto right now – can we say Winter Wonderland? I’m kind of feeling the Ice Queen groove right now. All about those summer clothes layered and styled for Winter. Seasonal clothes my ass! I’ll totally rock the Winter *almost* whites.

Tee – Spell Designs
Skirt – Auguste the Label via Isla Samsara
Belt – American Eagle
Tights & Earrings – F21
Socks – Free People
Boots – Locale
Bracelet – gifts