Why is it not okay to ask for a hug? Say you need one? Why is it not okay to ask a friend to come over and hang out because you’re lonely? I spoke with a girlfriend today and she said she would just reach out, and I think that’s great. Why don’t we just be honest a little bit more like that? We’re all supposed to be strong and perfect and never have ‘weakness.’

We all go through low periods – some suffer from depression, some have seasonal issues, there’s a whole spectrum – but we all go through it. What’s so bad about admitting it? True, there are some friends who will turn away, who will abandon you, but were they really of that much help in that case? Life is messy – geez, now ain’t that a platitude – but it is. We’re all awkward, hurtful, hurt, lonely people, and we all need a hug and a friend. I’m not saying I’m in a low period right now. Actually, I’m not. I’m saying, I’ve been there, and I will be again, and I’d like to take away the stigma of saying that. Because I’d like to be able to ask for a hug or a low key friend visit when I’m down.

And a pretty skirt that you can twirl in, because it’s all about finding the little tings of joy. Like being in a field all by yourself and twirling like a little kid with absolutely no shame.
The Best.








Sweater – c/o Wallis
Top and short Necklace – FreePeople
Skirt – Spell Designs
Boots – Aldo
Long Necklace – Vanessa Mooney
Scarf – I made it!