“Two objects can be far apart in space, but as far as quantum mechanics is concerned, it’s as if they’re a single entity. Moreover, because of the tight link between space and time found by Einstein, the quantum connections also have temporal tentacles.” – Brian Greene, The Fabric of the Cosmos

For a while I was reading a lot on evolution psychology, sociology, and anthropology. Needing to get away from people, I decided to switch to physics and space. But with the reading of Brian Green’es book, I find my mind wandering back to the relations between people. With the above quote he’s talking about atoms and particles, but it makes me think about people. We’re made up of atoms and particles, and I can’t help romanticizing the idea that everyone is in some way connected throughout all of space and time. That should you choose, you are one with another person, through all of time.

True, you can think about that in the negative – that you’re one with those who cause you pain and anguish. But can any of us deny that? Those that caused us the greatest pain stay with us even after the pain is gone and the trauma is dealt with. On the other hand, it means that all those that made you laugh, that held you close, and warmed your soul are there with you in a tangible way as well. That every beautiful soul I am blessed to know in this city, this country, this planet, is with me as if we’re a ‘single entity.’

Yeah, yeah. I know, it’s a sappy notion. But it’s also a beautiful thing to think that I’m connected to those I love regardless of distance. That they are a part of me.

Call me sappy. I’m cool with it.





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