I’m Done

I think I’m done here. It’s been great, I achieved what I set out to achieve. So, on that note, this’ll be the last post for Moda Mama. I’m not disappearing, just moving on. Find me on socials and let’s connect there.

Much love and appreciation for all the wonderful interactions and support I’ve had here. I’ll always be grateful for you.

Bright Yellow

They painted these benches bright yellow a bit ago.

Let’s not Aggrandise Conartists

The aggrandisement of those who con and hurt others that we are committing is disgusting.

God Forbid – a Recommendation

Recommendation here: If you have Disney+ I recommend watching “God Forbid.”

Why Not Use the Secret Then?

I love when I see marketing on Instagram and TikTok that says “We have the SECRET to getting 10 million views and hundreds of thousands of followers within a month! Click the link below to get (buy) this secret for yourself!”

Just Do It – Sorry, Nike

Like, okay I know things are different for different people, but I saw on socials a woman who’s highly successful lamenting that she’s no longer feeling creative about her postings.

The Empire Strips Back

We went on a date to see The Empire Strips Back.

Google Dog

We have one of those Google things by our bed – the thing that plays music, sets an alarm, and it shows pictures throughout the day from the Google Photos collection.

Who’s Tom Cruise?

We all worry about striving and achieving. We all look at people who’ve reached fame and acclaim and wish we could have that. Often times we place our worth on what we’ve achieved instead of who we are, our character, or the relationships and effects we have on others. At least, I’m often guilty of that. But here’s the thing. We were recently watching Top Gun: Maverick and my Girl walked in and asked about it.

Andrew said, “That’s Tom Cruise. It’s TOM CRUISE.”

And without any guile, she asked, “Who’s Tom Cruise?”

So if my 13-year-old has absolutely no idea who Tom Cruise – arguably the biggest movie star of my generation – is we really can stop worrying about chasing achievement. Cause the next generation will barely remember us anyway.

So love, laugh, and above all, be kind.

Dress – Reformation
Boots – bought in Nashville


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