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No Shame

Vest – H&M
Hi-Lo Top & Shoes – Threadsence
Tank & Jeans – Gap
Belt – F21
Bag – Matt by Matt&Nat
Earrings – bought in Santorini

Yes, that’s right I have no shame.  Some would *and have* call me ‘brave’ for taking outfit photos in the busiest square in Toronto.  I beg to differ.  It’s not so much brave as a totally and complete lack of shame.  I just don’t just a *insert descriptive and unique expletive here* about what some stranger thinks of me taking pictures there.  That’s true for a lot of things.  Need proof?  Watch my CoffeeTalk vids.  
I’ll volunteer to do whatever, and only afterwards when I notice people giving me weird looks realize that, oh, this is something I should be embarrassed doing. Usually I notice because Andrew gets embarrassed for me.  Oh well.  Never did win any popularity contests…*anyone with a Pickering High School yearbook from OAC hush!*

Jenny From The Block

Hoops & Vest – F21
Tee – thrifted
Jeans – Old Navy
Shoes – Ruche

While getting dressed I had J.Lo’s “Jenny from the Block” playing on repeat inside my brain.  Now, though I have neither Ms. Lopez’s dancing, singing, or booty ability, something inside me today demanded loose boyfriend jeans and hoop earrings.  Don’t ask me what, ’cause I have no idea.

Sometimes it’s better just to go with it.

Quote of Today:
“Put the machete down before you have a conversation.”

I Wanna Be A SuperModel

Aug1Dress – Lace Affair  (sold out)
Vest – F21
Ring & Shoes – Threadsence  (sold out)

You know what’s a really fun thing about being a wanna-be fashion blogger?  The fact that you have a legitimate *barely, I know* reason to play SuperModel in the backyard with your camera and remote control.

Frankly,  I’ll take any reason to play pretend. *probably why I’m an actor*  And a chance to play SuperModel is too good to pass up!

Quote of Today:
 “These heels are floppity.” 

A Wonderful Week

July 4 Shirt – don’t remember I’m sorry.  It’s old.
Vest – AE
Jeans – Gap
Shoes – Threadsence

I’m going to see some Fringe Festival plays today as part of a fun gig to review them for Mooney on Theatre.  Definitely looking forward to getting out there and having a good time. It’s been a wonderful week so far filled with photoshoots, kung fu classes, audits of acting classes, and now this!  Keep it coming July.  Next up, several other projects, including the premiere of Posthuman on, before I leave on the 22nd for my best friend’s wedding.  Oh yeah!

p.s. Due to the amazing response to the Coffee Talk: Posing vlog, I’ll definitely be adding a video element to ModaMama.  Next vlog coming at you on July 13th!

Quote of Today:
“I’ve got a chainsaw and I’m going in the Manor.”

The Tears Of Lucille Ball

Hat & Boots – F21
Necklace – c/o Scarlet Samples
Vest – AE
Dress – Lace Affair

First off, I finally managed to remember to take off my sunnies before pictures.  I know, I’m very proud of myself.  Patting myself on the back for this great accomplishment.  Hush you from the cheap seats…I’ve still got baby brain here *side note: can you have baby brain with a toddler? Oh gosh, I hope so! Otherwise I’ve got no excuse*  

Secondly, my friend Emily *she’s the one in the picture below* and I were told by a store clerk that we had “balls” for wearing big floppy hats like these.  I really like being told I’m ballsy. *In my mind they’re always comparing me to Lucille Ball.  Always. Without Fail.*  But I felt like a bit of a fraud because the motivation behind wearing my hat is totally anti-‘balls’  – I don’t want to expose myself to the sun.

Lucille Ball wept.

Quote of Today:
“They started eavesdropping when I said the word ‘nipple.'”

Perplexed State of Mind

Top – Zara
Vest – AE
Jeans – Gap
Shoes – Payless
Necklace & Sunnies – XXI
Everything I seem to want to say today feel inadequate.  Somehow my mind can’t settle on one thought, or even a trio of thoughts that I could coherently share with you.  Words don’t seem to want to make sense and arrange themselves in any way that could convey the feelings, thoughts, and emotions tumbling around my brain.  
Excitement, whirlwind, hope, fear, exhaustion, joy.  All these seem to be swimming inside right now.  It’s a good feeling, don’t get me wrong.  It’s a feeling of being wrapped up in so many projects.  Running around from audition, to callback, to event, to event.  But it’s a feeling that has left me in a perplexed state of mind.  So I’m going to have some herbal tea, and settle in for an episode of something.  Baby’s sleeping and I’ve got a brief respite.  
Happy weekend!
Quote of Today:
“Crap my coffee is on the window ledge…bye, bye!”

Like Kate Moss Has Plus Size Ad Campaigns

Tie – Sears
Vest – AE
Top – Smart Set
Jeans – Gap
Shoes – Payless

I’ve been doing the sock bun for a long time now, and it used to be that you were embarrassed to admit that you had footwear in your hair.  It was like showing your knickers or your slip – a lady never does that.  Now it’s become a source of blogging pride to show exact details of this, frankly, lazy ass hairdo.  It’s actually really amusing to me. *p.s. if you want a tutorial just google it, there are literally dozens of them and I’m not adding to that pile*  What’s next?  Do I show you how I use a hair elastic to keep my pants up? 

Digressing just a touch…can we just take a moment to appreciate how the right pants, combined with the right pose make it look like I have a smokin’ hot J.Lo booty in that first shot?  Usually, I’ve got curves like Kate Moss has plus size ad campaigns, but in this shot I’ve got the booty goin’ on!

I wonder if I can get a life size cardboard cutout of this picture and wear it everywhere like those guys at the side of the road advertizing car washes.  It’s like, “No, this here in the picture with the J.Lo butt is the real me.”

True Story:
Speaking of things you don’t admit too…
Baby put on my bra and rubbed my perfume on herself and pranced around my bedroom.  
How does a 22 month old prance?  
Very awkwardly and unsteadily, but prance she did.

Leopard Mixed Bag

Vest – Threadsence
Earrings, Necklace, Sunglasses and Top – F21
Pants – I’m sorry I don’t remember
Boots – Feet First

This is the first leopard print thing I’ve ever owned!  Actually, I’m pretty sure this is the first animal print thing I’ve ever owned.   But when I saw it I just fell hard for it, and since it was on sale, well, that just sealed the deal.  When it arrived, I was happy that it was better than in the pictures and, though I was excited to wear it, I was also more than a little nervous.  I had reason to be. 
The reaction to it was mixed.  One person said I looked like an ‘Amazon Princess’, another asked, “Leopard, really? What were you thinking?” and Husband made references to a ‘celebrity on Sunset Boulevard’ and ‘someone in a Jay-Z video.’  I liked it, but it was certainly a sartorial and confidence challenge to wear it despite the mixed reaction.
I wonder, why does leopard print get such a strong reaction, but a bright floral print does not?  Thoughts?
Quote of Today:
“Drake wants to hump it, and she wants to cuddle it.”
“Good thing it’s not the other way around.”

The Rest Is Silence

Vest – AE
Dress – bought in London, UK
Shoes – Payless
Sometimes I don’t know what to say or do.  Sometimes on these days I say and do something really stupid.  So today I’m just going to sit in silence.  I will say this though – This dress was all of four pounds in the UK several years ago – that’s $8!  Now that’s a deal.

Quote of Today:
“A zombie apocalypse would be really hard with a two year old.”

Knocked Off

Top – F21; Vest – AE; Jeans – Guess; Shoes – Payless.

First off, a heart warm welcome to my newest readers!  I’m so pleased to get to know you and can’t wait for our relationship to grow!  Let’s jump right into things…

How do you feel about knock offs?  You know, those purses that look like Chanel but are less than $100?  I read recently in Marie Claire’s December issue that these knock offs cost “the world economy a whopping $610 billion a year.”  That’s a lot of dollar bills, or loonies since we don’t have 1 dollar bills in Canada.

These knock offs are so good that even the pros have a hard time telling the differences.  They’re that good.  One thought: how about making a really good quality affordable version of your own line?  That way you’d take the wind out of the pirated goods.  If I can get a genuine budget Chanel, I’d get that.  There would be no temptation to get the fakes at all if you could get the real thing.

That’s just a thought. What do you think?  I really don’t know too much about it since I’m not really one for branded things all that much, as long as it’s pretty.  Pretty!

p.s. check out my fabulous *if I do say so myself* post about Christmas traditions on Blue Eyed Owl.

p.p.s  I said there would be a giveaway when I hit 200 on GFC, and I meant it.  But I’m doing two right now *one currently, and one yesterday on another blog* , so I’m going to wait until the New Year.  We’ll have one very early in the New Year to celebrate 200 GFC friends!

True Story:
This is what you get when your husband is the photographer.

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