Vest – H&M
Hi-Lo Top & Shoes – Threadsence
Tank & Jeans – Gap
Belt – F21
Bag – Matt by Matt&Nat
Earrings – bought in Santorini

Yes, that’s right I have no shame.  Some would *and have* call me ‘brave’ for taking outfit photos in the busiest square in Toronto.  I beg to differ.  It’s not so much brave as a totally and complete lack of shame.  I just don’t just a *insert descriptive and unique expletive here* about what some stranger thinks of me taking pictures there.  That’s true for a lot of things.  Need proof?  Watch my CoffeeTalk vids.  
I’ll volunteer to do whatever, and only afterwards when I notice people giving me weird looks realize that, oh, this is something I should be embarrassed doing. Usually I notice because Andrew gets embarrassed for me.  Oh well.  Never did win any popularity contests…*anyone with a Pickering High School yearbook from OAC hush!*