Vest – Threadsence
Earrings, Necklace, Sunglasses and Top – F21
Pants – I’m sorry I don’t remember
Boots – Feet First

This is the first leopard print thing I’ve ever owned!  Actually, I’m pretty sure this is the first animal print thing I’ve ever owned.   But when I saw it I just fell hard for it, and since it was on sale, well, that just sealed the deal.  When it arrived, I was happy that it was better than in the pictures and, though I was excited to wear it, I was also more than a little nervous.  I had reason to be. 
The reaction to it was mixed.  One person said I looked like an ‘Amazon Princess’, another asked, “Leopard, really? What were you thinking?” and Husband made references to a ‘celebrity on Sunset Boulevard’ and ‘someone in a Jay-Z video.’  I liked it, but it was certainly a sartorial and confidence challenge to wear it despite the mixed reaction.
I wonder, why does leopard print get such a strong reaction, but a bright floral print does not?  Thoughts?
Quote of Today:
“Drake wants to hump it, and she wants to cuddle it.”
“Good thing it’s not the other way around.”