Tie – Sears
Vest – AE
Top – Smart Set
Jeans – Gap
Shoes – Payless

I’ve been doing the sock bun for a long time now, and it used to be that you were embarrassed to admit that you had footwear in your hair.  It was like showing your knickers or your slip – a lady never does that.  Now it’s become a source of blogging pride to show exact details of this, frankly, lazy ass hairdo.  It’s actually really amusing to me. *p.s. if you want a tutorial just google it, there are literally dozens of them and I’m not adding to that pile*  What’s next?  Do I show you how I use a hair elastic to keep my pants up? 

Digressing just a touch…can we just take a moment to appreciate how the right pants, combined with the right pose make it look like I have a smokin’ hot J.Lo booty in that first shot?  Usually, I’ve got curves like Kate Moss has plus size ad campaigns, but in this shot I’ve got the booty goin’ on!

I wonder if I can get a life size cardboard cutout of this picture and wear it everywhere like those guys at the side of the road advertizing car washes.  It’s like, “No, this here in the picture with the J.Lo butt is the real me.”

True Story:
Speaking of things you don’t admit too…
Baby put on my bra and rubbed my perfume on herself and pranced around my bedroom.  
How does a 22 month old prance?  
Very awkwardly and unsteadily, but prance she did.