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Sun Flare Lenses Over My Eyes

Shirt – F21; Vest – AE; Dress – Ruche; Belt – came with another dress; Tights – Hue; Boots – Feet First.

The days are growing shorter and shorter and the world seems a little surreal to me, like I’m spending my days in a sun flare haze meandering through the hours until….until what?  That’s the question.  It feels like I’m waiting, but I don’t know what I’m waiting for.  Maybe I’m waiting for the snow to come so it actually feels like winter and the freezing temperatures are justified their existence.  Maybe I’m waiting for December 21st so that the days can start getting longer once more. Maybe I’m just waiting for the holidays to be over and all that stress and activity to subside.  Maybe I’m just, “Waiting for Godot.”

Who knows.

For now I’ll have a cup of tea and read.

What are you waiting for?

Quote of Today:
“Jason, time to drop your pants”

Are My Politics Showing?

Vest – AE; Top & Necklace – F21; Pants – swapped; Pants – Feet First; Bag – Matt by Matt&Nat.

I don’t usually get political here on the blog, but I have to voice my dismay at our Mayor elect.  He is tearing our city apart at the seams, but I digress.  The issue I specifically want to address is the child care subsidy that he’s hoping to get rid off.  Families already struggle with mounting child care costs and to slash even more funding is unfathomable to me.  These are the future citizens, leaders, thinkers, and business people of our country and you want to cut how well we *as a community* raise them?  So not only will we raise dumb people to lead our country, but we’ll also make sure that the current citizens are stressed and overworked *or kept below the poverty line* by the lack of affordable child care.  Go mayor! *sarcasm fully intended*

True Story:
Yay!  My package from Ruche finally came!  I’m really hatin’ on Canada Post.  These two shipments were unreasonably delayed and took twice as long as any other shipment – from anywhere, even Hong Kong.  Seriously, what up Canada Post?  You made me so sad thinking I would have to stop shopping online *read “at Ruche”*

Lazy, Lazy, Lazy

Shirt – Delias; Vest – F21; Jeans – Gap; Socks – Calvin Klein

Do you like the socks?  That’s my particular favorite of this outfit.  I wasn’t going anywhere so I didn’t bother with thinking about shoes.  And to be honest with you, this is an outfit from Sunday when I played BSG with some friends.  I don’t want to get dressed today.

I probably will.  But right now, I’m resisting the urge.

On another lazy note, I’m really looking forward to the next three day’s season premieres.  We’ve got Criminal Minds, Community, Grey’s Anatomy, Fringe and Supernatural.  Love it! But I have to wait until October for The Walking Dead and House.  Boo!

True Story:
I lay down on the couch and closed my eyes.  
I just wanted to lay there for a minute or two in peace while Baby played with her blocks.  
So what does my darling, sweet child do?  
Stick her finger up my nose.

I’m A Nerd, What Of It?

Vest – AE; Shirt – F21; Jeans – Guess.

Headed off to a photography workshop today.  Hopefully it’s going to be very educational.  I’m really looking forward to improving my photography.   My dad put my first SLR camera in my hands when I was six, right around the time he taught me to play chess – he was nothing if not ambitious for his daughter.   So it’s been a passion of mine since I was little and I’m really looking forward to learning some more tricks of the trade.

And the outfit?  It’s all nerd, and it’s all me!  I love pairing nerd shirts with vests.  Something about the whole ‘hot nerd’ thing maybe?

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