Don’t know about you, but everything feels like it’s whirring around me.

There’s a frenetic level of energy. Things are moving and pieces are circling. Auditions and work is abounding, and there are moments that I can’t feel the ground beneath me. Coupled with all this is my sudden need to sleep. I want to sleep like ten hours a day. Maybe it’s hibernation mode, maybe it’s just me needing to rest and recoup. But the two are not conducive.

So, when I recently found myself getting irritated and feeling like a ‘death by a thousand paper cuts’ kind of day, I made sure to take a little detour for a walk and quiet rest by the lake. It was cold, but it was empty and the solitude was perfect. Just a few minutes helped to recenter me.

Dress – House of Skye via We The Wild Collective
Vest – Urban Outfitters *old*
Necklace – Threadsence
Boots – Aldo