Here’s karma *not really in the strict definition*. Here’s the universe at work. Let me tell you the story of a girl and a jacket….

One day, I was out in a shop. I was looking around just killing some time not really intending to get anything at all. When I see this light blue turquoise biker jacket. It’s delightful. It’s got silver hardware and it’s fitted and it’s turquoise and you know my weakness for turquoise *and red, but that’s another post.*  I want to get it.  I look at the tag and it reads $129.00.  I’m sad. That’s a lot of money. Maybe not to others, but to me.  I show Andrew, and he says that even though I don’t have enough in my fund, I can get it anyway and earn it back.

*Let me explain ‘the fund.’ We both have a monthly budget, an adult allowance of sorts, that we can spend on anything we like. Household expenses and purchases have to be cleared with the other. Any purchase over a certain amount has to be cleared with the other person – we make those decisions together. But the fund is different. That’s birthday money, monthly ‘allowance’, Christmas money, if you sell something of yours etc. all added up. And we keep track of it being accountable. It’s the money I buy dresses with – Andrew can’t say anything because it’s my discretionary money*

So back to the story. He says I can go in the hole for the jacket. I consider it, and reluctantly put the jacket back. No. It’s not a good way to live, it’s not a financially responsible way to be. If I don’t actually have it in my fund, I am not living in debt – even if it’s only theoretical debt as the fund is a budget and it all comes from the same account.  Sadly, I walk away. Resigned that it’s not meant to be, but glad to be responsible.

Flash forward two weeks later. My Mom and I go to a new thrift store we found. We’re browsing the racks when she calls over to me. I turn and see that she has pulled out a deep, rich, turquoise leather jacket from the racks that is exactly my size. Exactly. My. Size. It is even more beautiful than the one I first saw. The leather is softer, the color is richer, and it fits me like a glove in the shoulders, which the other one didn’t.

And it’s $35. Thank you Universe. Thank you.

Jacket – Danier Leather via Just Thrift
Dress – Ruche
Socks – Free People
Boots – Call it Spring
Sunnies – Black Daffodil in The Junction