When going out to events that you have to dress up for a little bit, I like the LBD. Who doesn’t, right? It’s simple and easy, but a big, floral, ruffly dress is just as easy. I often wear the LBD when I want to be understated, ’cause let’s face it – bright, big, and ruffled is gonna draw some eyes. Especially here in downtown Toronto where the LBD reigns supreme. I was okay with it this eve – and got more than a few compliments *which is always awesome!*

But the point is that though we consider the LBD really easy to throw on, a big floral piece is just as easy. Add neutral accessories and off you go. You don’t have to be afraid of bold colors and bold choices – just keep you add ons simple.





Dress – Spell Designs
Clutch – H&M
Shoes – Ruche
Earrings – old, I forget