…had a bad day. She did the right thing in school by trying to help two friends resolve their issues, and as a result one of her friends is angry at her. She told me this in excruciating detail, as only a seven year old can. And I loved very second. Not only did I love watching her face as she communicated these serious issues to me, but I loved that she felt comfortable to share with me. I’m thankful that she feels she can come talk to me about things like this that happen to her, and I just hope that continues.

True, to me what happened to her is so not serious. It’s serious about as much as cutting too big a piece of cake. But it’s serious to her, and as I said, I can see that on her face as she speaks and I have to respect that. I listened to her, I commiserated with her on the unfortunate events, and I shared a story from my own life that echoed those sentiments so she knew she wasn’t alone in this experience. Then a hug and all was well. But man am I thankful that she wants to share with me….teenage years are right around the corner. Pass the scotch.

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