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Hau Hau!!

Top & Belt – F21; Skirt – Old Navy; Sandals – Zellers.

Husband came home last night.  And he brought me a truffle brownie and his magic foot massage hands!  That made me feel better. And I finally got a shower – once Baby went to bed mind you – but still, I got my shower.  Hope you guys have a happy Saturday!  I’m going to work tonight.  I also have to memorize a script and make a self video for an interview/audition I can’t get to since I’m going away to a B&B for my seven year anniversary next weekend.  Can you believe it?  It’s been almost seven years of marriage?  That’s nuts!  Nuts I tell you!

True Story:
Yesterday I realized that Baby has been saying something for a while now.  You know that I speak to Baby exclusively in Polish, right?  So the sound a dog makes in Polish is roughly “hau hau”   not “woof woof.”  That’s how we do it (phonetically it’s said ‘how how’ but it’s spelled h-a-u).  Anyway, yesterday I noticed that when Baby sees a dog she points at it and does an improper version of “hau hau.” *it’s more of a consistent sounding grunt*  So now we ask her “what does a doggie do?”  or “what does Drake do?”  and she makes the same noise.  We’re sooo excited!  It’s really thrilling for us to see her starting to understand language and to really react to it.  The idea that this little person is communicating with us is incredible.  
Sorry, long story.  And maybe not that thrilling to you guys.  
“Hau Hau!”

When You Get Between A Mother And Her Avocado

Tank – Mango; Skirt – hand me down; Belt & Booties – Ruche.

Though you can’t really tell from these shots, it’s overcast, rainy, hot and humid here all at the same time.  Crazy!  So what better pick me up on a dreary overcast day than a bright and happy skirt?  I wanted to add a necklace and make-up to this outfit, but since I’m spending the day at home with Baby I drew the line at the belt.  The necklace would’ve made it a little too dressy for bumming ’round the house with a toddler *can you believe she’s a toddler already???*  And make-up?  Well, if I’m not meeting anyone, or working on tv then I’d rather not bother.  It’s better for your skin anyway.

True Story:
Went to the grocery store to get avocados (a must in our house because of Baby’s love of them);  they were out.  
Went to local fruit market; they were out.
Went to other grocery store in search of elusive avocados.  They had three!  
Over ripe. 
Near rotten.  
Went up to produce guy, “Do you have any more avocados?”  
Guy: “Yes, they’ll be out soon.” 
Continues stocking cauliflowers.
Me: “Okay, I’ll wait.”  
Guy continues working.  I just stand there looking at him
Guy: “Why don’t I go get them.”
Me:  “Thanks”
Maybe a little too pushy (I don’t usually like to be so), but like I said, they’re life and death at our house.

Iced Tea!

Shirt – Soundgirl ; Skirt – H&M; Sandals – Winners.

Can you believe it’s this hot?!?!?  45 degrees!  I’m melting.  But on the plus side, I’m reeeeally enjoying iced teas!  I’ve been drinking all kinds and they all taste so delicious!  But I’m going through my ice faster than I can make it.  Which is not a good thing.

I have to say I had an amazing shoot yesterday with a talented photographer – dANIEL gARCIA.   We shot outside on the beach and I was in tall wildflowers, up a cliff *in heels no less* and on the beach.  So much fun!  Can’t wait to share the shots with you.

But back to the heat wave, how do you stay cool when it’s hot?

Quote of the Day: 
“You’ll eat goose poo, but you won’t eat an organic cracker.”

Underwear Undercover

At the Movieola Studio in between segments.

Hat – F21; Shirt and belt – thrifted; Skirt – Spotted Moth; Shoes – Payless.

It’s summer and everyone is shedding layers.  But the warm months have exposed a terrible thing I’ve been witnessing on the street – bad underwear choices.  Outfits are 360 degrees.  The world sees us all the way around and not just from the front or side.  And not every outfit goes with with multicolored tight undies.  I’ve seen the underwear abuse everywhere lately.  The reason it gets me so adamant is that it ruins an otherwise cute outfit.  Further, it makes the offending lady look a little trashy, unkempt, and makes her figure look less beautiful.

Consider this, a young mom was walking down the street ahead of me pushing a stroller. She had a cute messy ponytail going for her, a figure that, though not sports illustrated material *but really who is, am I right??* , was quite attractive, and she had a simple and sweet maxi dress on. *which I love for new moms in the summer*  So she could’ve had everything going for her.  Except.  She had tight orange underwear on.  How do I know it was orange?  Because it showed through her dress.  How did I know it was tight?  Because it was cutting into her bum, legs, and hips.  So the whole cute image, and the long lean line of the dress, was ruined.  It’s the details that separate chic from not.  And it’s important to consider your outfit from the top layer to the bottom.

If you’re a mom, don’t wear a black bra with a white top. *this is a trend I see on teenage girls today, and in my opinion it just looks cheap on anyone*  Don’t wear tight orange underwear with a slightly sheer jersey dress.  Soft thongs are great, as are seamless panties.  And the mantra is nude, nude, nude!  If you’re wearing an outfit like the one I am above, where there’s volume and the skirt is fully lined you can wear any underwear you like – mine are dark grey bikini style, by the way.  And most importantly make sure it fits.

Okay, that’s it.
Rant over.
Thank you for listening.
I’m here all week.  Please remember to tip your waitress.

The Birds

I kept it simple in this outfit.  Basic Walmart t-shirt with a beach bum skirt *literally!  I bought it in Barcelona on the beach!* The shoes are my garden/backyard shoes from Value Village.  The reasoning behind this outfit?  I was tired so I didn’t feel motivated.  It was hot, so I wanted something light and cotton.  And I didn’t want to have to shave my legs, hence the maxi.

On a side note, the rose bush in my garden is a great backdrop for photos lately!  But that’s where my nature loving ends.  I hate the birds in my yard!  They eat all my plants and I only got half a strawberry cause of them.  Now I understand the allure of scarecrows.  I seriously want to adios the birds.  Anybody have a bow and arrow?

Feminine, Flowery, and Flirty!

Shirt &Skirt – F21; Belt – AE; Shoes – Payless; Earrings – ?
I love being feminine, flowery, and flirty! 
And I love an older silhouette.  This makes me think of something my grandmother would wear when she was younger, but that’s what I love about it.  Flowers and lace are kind of a timeless thing.  The key is to have some bright color and a creative way of tying a belt to make it seem young as opposed to ‘granny.’
Want to hear something crazy?  Right after these pics were taken I ran upstairs to wash my face.  Turns out I put on expired sunscreen and was having a reaction to it.  Yikes!  Not cool.  So my face is a little pink today.  Kind of matches my outfit.  C’est la vie. 
One last thing, if you have 3 minutes check out my demo reel here.  Let me know what you think!

Garden Walking

Yes, that’s bok choy in my hand.

Tearing off some parsley.
Shirt – Talula (thrifted); Skirt – Smart Set; Flip Flops – Abercrombie&Fitch.

It’s been really hot here lately, and though I’m not complaining, it is a little rough on Baby.  During the day she’s fine, but during the night she’s so hot she can’t sleep.  Which means that she cries.  Which means we can’t sleep.  That’s the only thing that I have a beef with in terms of the heat.

Any tips on staying cool?

It was so nice, that we decided to all go for a walk down the Humber River.  We didn’t get very far before Baby got fussy and we had to turn around; so in all, we were out for just over an hour.  But here’s some of what we did see:

Time Is A Malleable Thing

Earrings and Bracelet – F21; T-Shirt – Dehlias ; Skirt – Spotted Moth; Shoes – Zellers.

 So I’m done my shoots for a bit. I’ve got rehearsals for two projects coming up, live on air shifts and probably more auditions, but right now it’s quiet and therefore I’m taking a small breather. I like being busy, but I also like the quiet moments where I can just enjoy the time.

Oh and Baby’s first birthday is coming up.  That completely blows my mind.  At times it feels like we’ve had her forever *especially when she keeps up at night* and other times it feels like we’ve had her just a few short weeks.  But it’s been a year.  One whole year.

Today I watched her watching Backyardigans and was completely mesmerized.  That cute little nose, those lips hanging open in wonderment, and those smooth porcelain cheeks.  I made those.  I nourished and grew them.  And they’re beautiful.  As is the mischievous little personality that thinks I don’t see her splashing in Drake the Dog’s water bowl.

True Story: Opened the fridge, took out almond milk to put in my coffee, put milk back, turned around and found Baby eating Drake the Dog’s food.  His food is organic and sugar free, so at least she’ll have a shiny head of hair.

When You Fall…

Jacket – Old Navy; Shirt – swapped; Belt – ?; Skirt – ?; Shoes – Aldo

I was trying something new with my camera and it kind of failed.  But oh well.  If you don’t try, you never learned.  So I messed with these shots as much as I could to stylize them a little.  I promise better ones are on the way!

This is the outfit I wore yesterday to the last day of the music video shoot.  But I forgot to take shots yesterday, so I quickly jumped into it today to snap some pics.  And of course, today’s outfit is on the way.

So, I got yet another email saying that it was between me and another woman for a role and they went with the other woman.  Bummer.

Guess I got to pick myself up and get back on those horses.

May I Offer You Some Grass With Your Coffee?

That’s when i noticed I had baby food on my skirt.
Shirt – AE; Belt & Skirt – thrifted; Shoes – AE.

This skirt is too big for me, but I really like it, so I hitched it up and tightened a belt around it. Voila!  I made it fit.  I’m loving the whole Annie Hall/70’s vibe that’s trendy right now.  Loose clothing, longer skirts, big floppy hats.  I’m diggin’ it!

So while I was enjoying my coffee with a friend, Baby cleaned the entire cafe patio with her knees.  She got into every single thing and scrubbed that deck spotless with her wriggling around!  Oh, and grass is apparently a great appetizer.  I caught Baby eating it in the backyard just before I took her in to have dinner.  *sigh*

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