Tank – Mango; Skirt – hand me down; Belt & Booties – Ruche.

Though you can’t really tell from these shots, it’s overcast, rainy, hot and humid here all at the same time.  Crazy!  So what better pick me up on a dreary overcast day than a bright and happy skirt?  I wanted to add a necklace and make-up to this outfit, but since I’m spending the day at home with Baby I drew the line at the belt.  The necklace would’ve made it a little too dressy for bumming ’round the house with a toddler *can you believe she’s a toddler already???*  And make-up?  Well, if I’m not meeting anyone, or working on tv then I’d rather not bother.  It’s better for your skin anyway.

True Story:
Went to the grocery store to get avocados (a must in our house because of Baby’s love of them);  they were out.  
Went to local fruit market; they were out.
Went to other grocery store in search of elusive avocados.  They had three!  
Over ripe. 
Near rotten.  
Went up to produce guy, “Do you have any more avocados?”  
Guy: “Yes, they’ll be out soon.” 
Continues stocking cauliflowers.
Me: “Okay, I’ll wait.”  
Guy continues working.  I just stand there looking at him
Guy: “Why don’t I go get them.”
Me:  “Thanks”
Maybe a little too pushy (I don’t usually like to be so), but like I said, they’re life and death at our house.