Top & Belt – F21; Skirt – Old Navy; Sandals – Zellers.

Husband came home last night.  And he brought me a truffle brownie and his magic foot massage hands!  That made me feel better. And I finally got a shower – once Baby went to bed mind you – but still, I got my shower.  Hope you guys have a happy Saturday!  I’m going to work tonight.  I also have to memorize a script and make a self video for an interview/audition I can’t get to since I’m going away to a B&B for my seven year anniversary next weekend.  Can you believe it?  It’s been almost seven years of marriage?  That’s nuts!  Nuts I tell you!

True Story:
Yesterday I realized that Baby has been saying something for a while now.  You know that I speak to Baby exclusively in Polish, right?  So the sound a dog makes in Polish is roughly “hau hau”   not “woof woof.”  That’s how we do it (phonetically it’s said ‘how how’ but it’s spelled h-a-u).  Anyway, yesterday I noticed that when Baby sees a dog she points at it and does an improper version of “hau hau.” *it’s more of a consistent sounding grunt*  So now we ask her “what does a doggie do?”  or “what does Drake do?”  and she makes the same noise.  We’re sooo excited!  It’s really thrilling for us to see her starting to understand language and to really react to it.  The idea that this little person is communicating with us is incredible.  
Sorry, long story.  And maybe not that thrilling to you guys.  
“Hau Hau!”