At the Movieola Studio in between segments.

Hat – F21; Shirt and belt – thrifted; Skirt – Spotted Moth; Shoes – Payless.

It’s summer and everyone is shedding layers.  But the warm months have exposed a terrible thing I’ve been witnessing on the street – bad underwear choices.  Outfits are 360 degrees.  The world sees us all the way around and not just from the front or side.  And not every outfit goes with with multicolored tight undies.  I’ve seen the underwear abuse everywhere lately.  The reason it gets me so adamant is that it ruins an otherwise cute outfit.  Further, it makes the offending lady look a little trashy, unkempt, and makes her figure look less beautiful.

Consider this, a young mom was walking down the street ahead of me pushing a stroller. She had a cute messy ponytail going for her, a figure that, though not sports illustrated material *but really who is, am I right??* , was quite attractive, and she had a simple and sweet maxi dress on. *which I love for new moms in the summer*  So she could’ve had everything going for her.  Except.  She had tight orange underwear on.  How do I know it was orange?  Because it showed through her dress.  How did I know it was tight?  Because it was cutting into her bum, legs, and hips.  So the whole cute image, and the long lean line of the dress, was ruined.  It’s the details that separate chic from not.  And it’s important to consider your outfit from the top layer to the bottom.

If you’re a mom, don’t wear a black bra with a white top. *this is a trend I see on teenage girls today, and in my opinion it just looks cheap on anyone*  Don’t wear tight orange underwear with a slightly sheer jersey dress.  Soft thongs are great, as are seamless panties.  And the mantra is nude, nude, nude!  If you’re wearing an outfit like the one I am above, where there’s volume and the skirt is fully lined you can wear any underwear you like – mine are dark grey bikini style, by the way.  And most importantly make sure it fits.

Okay, that’s it.
Rant over.
Thank you for listening.
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