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Alice Springs

Well, it was time to  end the outback adventure.

King’s Canyon Rim Walk and Pushing Your Limits

The final hike of the tour was here. Up early and up 200 metres to the top of the mountain.  Then around the rim of the canyon and back down. That was the trek.

Kata Tjuta Gorge Walk

Ironically, I got to sleep in to 5:30am that morning!  I know, that was sleeping in by that point in the trip. 

Photobombs at Kata Tjuta

By now, the group had gotten used to watching me pose for the photos that I really wanted.


Uluru is a major destination. Obviously.

Sunsets at the Rocks

By the time we returned to the camp grounds and settled in the sun was going down.

Mount Connor or Attila

Up at 4am – it’s kind of a routine you get into in the Outback when you have long drives and hikes to do.

Coober Pedy and a Kangaroo Orphanage

This ones is jam packed. 

Around the Bus

I’ve been talking about the bus and some of the folks on it. I thought it was time to take you around.

William Creek

The final rest stop was William Creek.

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