By the time we returned to the camp grounds and settled in the sun was going down.

I have to say, the sunsets in the Outback are to die for, and that night’s was no exception as both Uluru and Kata Tjuta were visible to either side. I had been privileged, due to our early call times, to be witnessing both sunrises and sunsets. And I can tell you that the colors, and the stillness and the vastness have yet to be compared with anything else I’ve ever seen.

After the sun had gone, we all gathered in our communal mess hall and filled up our bodies of all the calories that had been lost, and all of us were pounding salt onto every single meal, because we were losing a ton through sweat and drinking a ton to stay hydrated. Erin and I had also bought electrolyte powder in Coober Pedy to add to our water bottles to help. Some people were getting seriously faint despite everything. It’s not an easy climate to be in, and though it doesn’t get much hotter, according to Keith, it just becomes constant and unrelenting for weeks on end. I can only imagine how draining that must be.

And now, as the sun sets *see what I did there?* on this year, I wish you the very best, and the more fulfilling year for you. Sending all the love.

Top – Arnhem
Shorts – Spell Designs
Sunnies – Kate Spade c/o Saks Off 5th