Well, it was time to  end the outback adventure.

The final destination was Alice Springs. Alice Springs itself has a pretty little downtown. But walking around you certainly feel like you’re in some of the Northern Canadian towns. A little tension between the Aboriginal peoples and the non is still felt and seen. I’m not gonna lie, that part felt a little familiar.

Each of us dropped off wherever we were staying. Erin and I had decided to splurge – using her fabulous discount – and stay at the Hilton. We were dropped off, and walked up with our sweaty selves, and our dirty bags containing literally NOTHING clean to the check in desk. There they greeted us with bottled water, a warm cookie, and an upgrade to a mountain view room.  We turned to each other and giggled with glee. This felt like being royalty after sleeping on the ground with ants.

On the way to the room, we passed the pool where a peacock just strolled around like it was no big thing.

But I totally lost it when I went in to OUR OWN BATHROOM to have a shower, and saw all the lavender soap and shampoo. The lavender tipped me over the edge and I did a little happy dance. The outback was grand, epic, and unbelievable, but I gotta say, having a shower with fancy soap was also pretty awesome after a week of camping.

Dress – Indian Summer Co. via Foxy Folk