Ironically, I got to sleep in to 5:30am that morning!  I know, that was sleeping in by that point in the trip. 

But the bonus to all these early wake ups is that I got to catch gorgeous sun rises almost every single day. This one was spectacular, and I almost – almost – didn’t notice that I basically stepped in an anthill when shooting this picture. Yeah, I realized pretty quickly!

After a quick meal it was off to our big and second last hike.  We walked the full circuit of the main Kata Tjuta gorge.  It involves climbing up and up to see the sights…

…and then climbing back down and continuing the walk in the valley.  Once down there you’re rewarded with grandiose views of the foliage and the rolling hills. But stay on the paths, because otherwise there’s snakes….as I was warned by our guide when I accidentally strayed off the path.

Mid afternoon was another dip in the pool and staying cool. This time, I bandaided up my cut and went in, keeping my thumb out of the water. It became a great gag as thumbs up was the symbol of the day. We all had a laugh. Afterwards, we were again treated to a breathtaking Outback sunset. I would never tire of these. 

While watching the sunset, one of our group spotted these cool lizard tracks in the sand I really wish I could’ve seen the guy these belonged to, but it was still pretty cool to see the tracks.

Top – thrifted
Shorts – Spell Designs
Necklace – Lustre in Montreal
Boots – The Shoe Company