“I’ve got a ticket for the long way round….two bottle a’whiskey for the road….”

I used to want to get where I’m going as quickly as possible. Get to the destination and see what happens once you’re arrived. Now? Well, now I’m a bit more laid back. I enjoy the process of getting where I’m going a bit more. Mostly because once the destination is reached, there’s a bittersweet moment: that moment where you have the satisfaction of arriving, and have that moment of pointlessness – where you have to find a new destination. But that moment in journeying, and finding pit stops along the way to see some beautiful things, if priceless. You open yourself up to possibility, and that my dear is something we lose as we grow up. So let’s grow young and open the world to possibility.

*Note: this does not in any way apply to traffic, which sucks to all hell, but you can mess with people if you blast music and rock out in your car*

Dress – Auguste the Label *swapped*
Necklace – F21
Sunnies – eBay
Boots – Call it Spring
Socks – Free People