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Canada, You’re Pretty Great.

It’s been a rough weekend and start of a week.

And So it Begins…

….the exercise in the great Canadian art of layering.

All You Need

When you sit by a lake, with a cup of tea, and some good company you realize

To a Cottage!

What do you do when you’re in the middle of a weird warm Fall reaching temperatures of 30 degrees and you’re a freelancer?

My PhotoBomber

When you’re a mom who blogs about fashion, it means that you often have a ‘little helper.’


We don’t think about it, but rest is an important part of growth.

The Cusp of 2017

Hope everyone has recovered well from the New Years celebration.

Christmas Eve Family Dressing

Christmas Eve is the big deal for us Polish folks.

Speaking Up For What You Need

I don’t like to ask for help and ask for what I need.

A Day of Hours

This day was lovely. It was a little spontaneous too.

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