It’s been a rough weekend and start of a week. We’ve spent countless hours in the hospital, and lots of time dealing with doctors and medication. And you know what? Despite everything that’s going on, I’m so grateful to live here where health care is free, where these last few days of stress did not cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars, and where I didn’t have to spend frustrating hours on the phone with insurance agents. Where it cost us under a $100 worth of pills, and over a $100 dollars worth of natural supplements to strengthen the immune system after all this is done.

Seriously, I can’t imagine a system where you have to think about going to the doctor. True, there may be long wait times, there may be a whole day spent in emergency when you’re feeling like crap but no life threatening crap, but a day spent feeling crappy and bored is better than $30,000 in bills. So thanks, Canada, you’re pretty great.

Dress – Auguste the label
Jacket – Zara
Boots & Hat – Aldo
Necklace – Lustre Boutique in Montreal
Sunnies – Kate Spade c/o Saks Off Fifth