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A Friend is a Gem

There’s nothing better than sitting down with someone knew over a coffee.

Star Wars Fashion for the Star Wars Movie

Yesterday was probably a geek girls dream. I treated myself to a decaf Almond milk latte from the awesome coffee shop in the ‘hood – SuperCoffee.  

A Casual Day…

…calls for casual clothes.  Though, as we all know I’m never all business-y anyway.

Other Days

Some days I like to chat with people and share, and have boundless laughs and energy.

Hey Sports Fans? *A Parody*

So a girlfriend told me about this woman that does parodies of sports shirts. They parody the team logo and name. I, of course, bought the one for the Toronto Blue Jays.

A Simple Day

Sometimes a simple day is what you need.

Great Expectations

We’re constantly surrounded by them aren’t we? They’re a double edged sword.

Star Wars, Mini skirts, and Toques.

Perhaps not the most logical of things to put together.

Whiskey Too Far


That moment. That moment when you are pushed too far.

You know that moment?  You can feel it coming. There’s a build up. There’s a wave and a rising. It’s palpable and tangible. At least for me.

It takes a lot to get me really angry. Though I have a fiery temper, and a fierce capacity for anger, it takes a lot to push me to the edge.

What I’m talking about is real anger. Not what you might think of as anger if you were in the passenger seat with me. I yell and curse like a sailor at stupid drivers, but my driving itself doesn’t get angry – nor do I, despite what it sounds like – that’s just my dramatic nature and Polish heritage.

But real anger. Over injustice and pain caused to friends, for example. That. That gets me angry. And well, as my Mom has said to me several times, she much preferred my sister’s teenage years. Because my dear sister would explode and rage but get over it quickly. With me, it was slow but when it happened, it was seething and could last eons.

All of this is to say, “The way I look is so fragile, yet here in my hand is an assurance of eternity.” *Rumi*
Or as my shirt says, “She’s whiskey in a tea cup.”





Jacket – Le Chateau  //  Tank Top – Gunny Sack & Co.  //  Jeans – Lucky Brand  //  Boots – thrifted  //  Necklace – Monserat de Lucca  via Beau and Bauble //  Ring – Body Blue

*linking up with Not Dressed*

Coalesced Thoughts

My brain is swirling with thoughts.  Only a few have coalesced:

Get out there and enjoy the warmth.

Visit nature and walk with friends, because connection and relationship is truth.

We’re all more fragile than we look.

Love each other.

Tank – Love Nail Tree  //  Skirt – Ruche  //  Sandals – FreePeople
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