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Decorate Not Dictate

Jacket – Old Navy
Dress – bought in Spain
Scarf – Lace Affair
Socks – F21
Boots – Threadsence
I did a great shoot a few days back with a really fun couple, and I’ve got some amazing photos to edit.  I wore this number to shoot and crawled, jumped, and climbed in it.  I’m not one to let a skirt, or a nice dress stop me from rolling in the mud if that’s what it takes to get a great shot.  I figure, as much as I love them, they’re just clothes.  They’re here to decorate my life, not dictate how I live it. 
Speaking of those shots, the beautiful weather has delayed me in posting them, but I swear they’ll be up soon!
Quote of Today:
“Tonight it’s an SG1 and Civilization kind of evening!”

Man o’ Bear

Dress & Boots – Threadsence
Belt, Socks, Necklace & Hat – F21
I’m a bit obsessed with the show Man vs Wild right now, and this week I’m grieving the loss of Bear Grylls as the shows lead.  Contract negotiations caused Discovery and Bear to go their separate way and I’m really sad because to me, he totally made the show.  But on a bright note, I still have several seasons of Bear to watch on Netflix.  Also, recently Andrew has gotten into it as well.  I think it’s because I may have said something about Bear being my current crush…maybe.
Quote of Today:
“Smack Mommy’s bum bum!”

Great Day!

Jacket – Smart Set
Shirt – H&M
Scarf – Lace Affair
Jeans – Gap
Shoes – Payless
Sunglasses – thrifted

There was a large heat wave one of the days this week, and Baby and I decided to take advantage of it by having a fantastic day together.  We walked to school for kids group, ran around the gymnasium, then after her nap headed out for the entire afternoon getting some things done, but also and more importantly, spending about an hour at a playground having a ball.  But even that hour was not enough for her because when I told her it was time to leave she started crying and fighting with me.  I knew it was time though, when the fight didn’t last long at all and the thumb was in the mouth within seconds.  She was tired.  She was so knackered after our day I had to put her to bed early so she would have time to relax and wind down in the dark silence of her room.  During this interlude, Mommy enjoyed some of her delicious port.  Boy, did we have a great day! 

True Story:
Baby has no idea how to drink with a straw.  She made me open my unsweetened fruit iced tea so that she could drink it.  Then she thought the straw was a toy that came with the drink.  *sigh*

Key To A Large And Lasting Wardrobe

Sweater  – Esprit
Dress – Ruche
Necklace – Mama Nest Designs
Tights – Hue
Boots – Locale 

Some friends over the years have remarked about the large closet of clothes I own, and they’re right I do own a lot.  But here’s the secret to the *as a friend once put it* ‘most extensive wardrobe I’ve ever seen’ : meticulous care, flexibility, and patience.

I have clothes I got in high school still hanging in my closet and they’re still in good condition because I care for my pieces.  I take care to follow the instructions on the label and make sure that everything is treated well so that it lasts.  What I mean by meticulous care is following the washing, ironing, and hanging instructions so as to prolong the life of the article.  That doesn’t mean I treat my clothes like museum pieces.  I’ll wear my
pretty dresses in the park with Baby and don’t care if they get muddied
and dirty.  After all, it’s about looking good while you live your life.

Also, I never say no.  When someone offers a hand me down bag of clothes, or my mom spring/winter cleans her closet I never turn it down.  Chances are I’ll find one or two pieces in there that I can work into my wardrobe in an unique way.

Finally, patience.  I like to shop and purchase fun pieces, but I don’t have a huge budget nor do I like to spend a lot on clothes.  So I’ll wait.  I’ll save my birthday and X-mas money for months and months, sometimes I have gift certificates from the season before still in my wallet when the next holiday rolls around.  If I see a dress, top, or skirt I really like I won’t buy it.  I’ll wait.  I’ll wait for a discount code, or a sale, or something else of that nature.  If I miss it and it sells out, no worries, there will be something else just as pretty soon enough…and it just might be 50% off.  Basically, don’t get attached to a piece then you won’t ‘have to have’ it, and two months from now it may be on sale.

Just one last note, don’t be afraid to return.  If it doesn’t work, fit or for some reason you doubt it.  Return it.  No harm, no foul.  That’s what those policies are for.

p.s. I love that the sock bun is making a resurgence.  I’ve been doing this
for years now, but lately it seems every blogger is talking about it. 
So yay! I’m so glad that foot wear in your hair is becoming mainstream.
The best part is the curls it leaves you with afterwards.  Just like the
ones you see in the pictures.

True Story:
Baby stood on the edge of the toilet even though I told her not to.  
She fell right in.  Soaked to the waist. 
She started crying, clearly traumatized. 
I stripped her, changed her, and held her…while giggling to myself just a wee bit. 
Another bad mother moment.

A Little Bit Closer

Sweater – made by my Babcia
Dress – Ruche
Tights – F21
Shoes – Payless
I love cozy days where you just spend the day wrapped up in warmth and comfort.  On days like that I usually find myself missing my Babcia and reach for one of the sweaters she made for me on her last visit to Canada.  When I wear these I feel a little closer to familial comfort and the ocean between us feels just a touch smaller.  That’s what I’m thankful for today – family.  I can’t wait to see mine tomorrow morning!

First Solo Mission

Sweater – swapped; Dress – Ruche; Tights – Hue; Boots – Locale.

So you know how yesterday I said that I tackled my first sewing project with my brand new sewing machine?  Well, this is the result of what I did. 

As I mentioned, I felt the dress was a tad too short for my comfort, so I wanted to let down the hem.  It wasn’t as easy as it sounded.  See that top horizontal pleat?  Well, it was completely attached to the dress, so first I had to remove the whole thing.  Then open it making it a double horizontal pleat, and iron it.  Then I had to attached it back onto the dress, with a finished stitch so it doesn’t fray.  And lastly, I had to fold the hem and finish the new hem of the dress.  

It just looks like there were meant to be two double pleats now.  And I felt so great wearing it: proud and finally comfortable with the length! It’s amazing what three inches can do.   I think I did pretty well for my first solo mission. What do you think?

On a totally separate note…

I really, really need to find a martial arts school to study at.  I’ve been out of the studio for far too long and there’s only so much that self-motivation can do.  But my problem is two-fold.  One, I can’t find a place that I really like.  I’ve looked at probably a dozen schools all over Toronto to find an art that I really want to study.  I’ve tried Muay Thai, BJJ, Karate, Tai Kwon Do, MMA, Krav Maga, and various blends of these, and I have yet to find something that I love as much as Kung Fu.  So that’s my first and major dilemma.  Two, it has to be affordable.  I’m not rolling in wads of dollars, so the place I go to has to be affordable.  But the issue of fees is really secondary to finding something that I truly love.

You know what you want to do, and that you love doing it, but you’re having trouble finding a place that reflects you.  Have you ever felt that way?

Quote of Today:
“It’s amazing what three inches can do.”  
*Oh Lordy Lord! Sometimes I don’t realize what I’m saying until it’s too late*

Birthday Outfit

Top – AE; Sweater – Gap; Pants – Le Chateau; Boots – Locale; Bag – Matt by Matt&Nat; Ring –

First off, notice the awkwardness of taking outfits shots in a crowded boxing week sale mall?  Yeah, mega awkward!  Almost as awkward as that time I was shooting a music video in downtown Toronto in a silver catsuit….

Allmost, not quite though.  Anyway, I digress.

My husband took me out for my birthday and he said that I can’t get
dressed up. “Jeans and a hoodie, he said.  I at least negotiated a cute
sweater instead of a hoodie and cords instead of jeans.  And to be honest, I was upset that on my
birthday I couldn’t get all gussied up, so I decided to have my own
little rebellion by doing my nails a fun and bold color.  But the shooting lesson was worth the dressing down.  Oh and I found out why he told me not to get all fancy, because you have to have your cleavage and such covered in case the shell casings fly down your shirt.  That would suck, ’cause they burn.

Chelsea, my lady, that’s you!  I have to say that even though the draw is random, I was pulling for Chelsea.  She entered everyday!  And she tweeted her heart out about it, so I did I little cheer when I saw that her comment was lucky 13!   Email me your image and link and let’s get you set up ASAP.  Congrats lady!

Stay tuned for another giveaway coming in early January!

Quote of Today:
“I can’t liiiive without red lipstick!”
My thought in reaction, “Really?  COD: lack of red lipstick?”

Silence Is Golden

Dress & Tights – F21; Sweater – made by my Babcia; Socks – Ruche; Boots – Threadsence.

I’ve had a crazy day!  I haven’t processed everything and it’s been just a lot of running around and dealing with things.  But I’m loving the moment of quiet right now.  The silence and stillness is so very comforting and soothing.  I’m basking in the lack of movement in the house.  It’s a glorious feeling.  Too often we’re so busy to get places and do things that we don’t really appreciate the power of silence. 

I’m going to take a moment.  Join me. 

True Story:
Taking them out of the box and putting them into the box.  
One by one.  
45 minutes of pure focused, counting fun.
Who knew!

I’m Excited About My Haircut!

Cardi – Old Navy; Belt – H&M; Dress – Ruche; Tights – Hue; Shoes – Payless; Scarf – street stand.

I got a haircut!  I also did some voice over work *read about that here*But back to the haircut.  I’m excited about this and I’ll tell you why.  Remember when I chopped off allllll of my hair? As I’m sure you know, bobs have a different angle of cut then other, longer styles.  They’re longer at the front and shorter in the back, while regular haircuts do the opposite – longer at the back and shorter at the front.  Anyway, since then I’ve been growing it back out again.  And my hairdresser has been slowly and carefully changing back the angel so as not to give me a dramatic cut that would dishearten how much I’ve grown it out.  Weellll, after this last appointment she said that it’s now at the right angle, and no longer going to look wonky…at least not from the cut – the styling is all up to me.   So that’s why I’m so happy.  ‘Cause my hair is now all back to the way it should…only shorter.  But that takes time.  Unless someone can donate hair extensions.


Anyone? Bueller?  Bueller?

Quote of Today:
“If I can just say ‘bear’,’dog’, and ‘cheese’ everything will be all right.”

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