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Great Expectations

We’re constantly surrounded by them aren’t we?¬†They’re a double edged sword.

Functionality and Personality




Raglan Top – Spell Designs  //  Blazer – Zara  //  Jeans – Gap

A bad cold all week *read: snot, coughing, and other yuckiness* plus -24 degree temperatures outside meant that I’ve been living in PJs and fleece pants in the house.  And knitting. I’ve been on the couch binge watching Law & Order: SVU and knitting.  I know how to party y’all!  
Or I know how to sit on my butt and be sick.  
But, this blazer, jeans, and graphic shirt combo was something I wore a bit ago to work on a photoshoot.  I was shooting the promo shots for a web series, and there’s always that fine line that I have to tread in my wardrobe as a photographer.  
My clothes have to be functional – I move gear, balance, build, and twist myself into strange positions if need be to get the shot – but I also need to maintain a certain level of professionalism.  So, it’s that balance of professional cool and functionality. 
And hey, a little personality doesn’t hurt either. 
Here’s an action shot from the day that my assistant took. 

Just Get a Backpack





Velvet Jacket – Flying Tomato  //  Shirt & Necklace – Threadsence  //  Jeans – Dittos  //  Shoes & Leaf Ring – unknown  // Silver Bracelet – gifts from Poland  //  Bead bracelet, Jewel Rings & Sunnies – F21  //  Embroidered Backpack – Stela 9

Sarah Silverman shared some insight into being a grown woman.  One of those tidbits, was *I’m paraphrasing* that you don’t need a designer bag, “You put shit in it. Get a backpack.”

As much as I’ve tried to be cute with purses, I always carry a lot with me – camera, tripod, scripts, wallet, etc.etc. – and I think I’ve finally accepted the fact that I just need a backpack.  It’s better for my back, and leaves my hands free for all kinds of adventuring.

Casual Glam with Pleather Pants

Pants, Clutch & Shoes – H&M //  Top – Zara  //  Jacket – F21  //  Bracelet – c/o Atterley Road
Toronto is in the midst of it’s International Film Festival.  That means, screenings and events galore.  My favorite kind of industry or TIFF party is the kind that calls for what I like to call, “casual glam.”  To me that’s when you get dressed up and glamorous up but not in a formal dress kind of way.  I love that I could take out my new pleather pants out for a spin for just such a party.  
I think you’ll be seeing pleather pants a lot from me this season.  I love leather and pleather accents and now they’re everywhere!  Used to be that I would find that single gem semi-annually that had pleather accents.  Id’ snap it up in a second.  And now it’s everywhere.  For a pleather hog like me it’s a veritable wonderland!

p.s.  I tried to do Jon at Evoke Salon proud by recreating the soft waves look he gave me after my recent haircut.  Passable, but there’s no substitute for the pro!

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These Boots Were Made For Walkin’

Jacket – Zara  //  Top – unknown  //  Jeans – Gap  //  Boots – c/o Dansko  //  Sunnies – F21
You know how they say shoes make the outfit?  Well they do.  These cool Dansko boots have a great weight and feel to them.  Such that they give me a bit of a strut.. and hells yeah I’ll take that.  I put on the outfit and felt good about it, but when I put on the shoes all of a sudden I got a bit of rockstar attitude.  Yes, I know it’s all in my head and I’m not really a rockstar but hey that’s what clothes are for right?  To play pretend.  
The boots are really what did it.  Despite the fact that my bootcut pants covered the top of them *side note:  can’t wait to wear them with a cute dress to show off the button detail*  they added a great finesse to my whole day.  I love the classic cut with a little unique detailing.  It’s something that can go with anything in your closet, and be timeless, but still have a bit of stand alone edge.  
Oh and yeah, they’re super comfy.  My feet were not sore after a whole day of walking, meetings, and biking.  Yes, I biked in them all around Toronto.  That’s just how I roll. 

A Life Unstructured

Top –  Maddy…K  //  Blazer – UO  //  Jeans – Gap  //  Shoes – Payless  //  Necklace – Ruche  //  Earrings – gift  //  Bracelet – Threadsence    //  Purse – Matt&Nat

Blazers huh?  That seems to be the theme the last few days.  Who would’ve thought.  Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t work in an office and therefore have absolutely no need of office attire that has been drawing me to them?  I like the structure.

Maybe that’s it.  Maybe I’m just needing some structure lately.  Standing in the checkout aisle at the grocery store while my Baby Girl dances up and down, around the other customers, twirling through and around them, at once amusing and frustrating them, I probably could use a little structure.

Since I’m unlikely to get it from my toddler anytime soon.  I guess I have to settle for a blazer.

Wallis White Blazer Goes Military

Blazer – c/o Wallis   //  Top – thrifted  //  Leggings – c/o Style Lately  //  Shoes – H&M  //  Necklace & Ring – F21
I like the unexpected when it comes to sartorial tastes.  That’s why the idea of pairing a pure and classic white blazer with the grittier camo leggings really appealed to me.  Perhaps it’s just my slightly bipolar nature coming out in my fashion choices.  Who knows really?  
I’m still participating in the Wallis Summer Stylist Contest and now you can vote once per hour.   Sorry no, “Vote for me and you’ll get this or that”, I’d rather you vote for me ’cause you like my style rather than vote for me ’cause I bribed you with something.  I know I’ll probably lose, but whatevs.

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Credit Where Credit Is Due

Blazer, Belt & Bracelets – F21
Dress – Moon Collection originally from Ruche
Shirt – American Eagle
Booties – I’m sorry, I don’t remember.  They’re old!

It’s Fall and the shops I frequent all come out with new LookBooks around this time of year.  I see them and want everything.  Of course I can’t have it!  There’s things like bills, mortgages, etc. etc.  But more than that, I like to stop and think about whether I can recreate that look with what I already have in my closet.

So, when Threadsence came out with their new LookBook I did just that.  I recreated this look from the things in my closet.   Thank you for the inspiration!

I take no credit for this outfit other than the fact that, at some point, I purchased all these items.

As one reader said, I really am a poster child for some of these companies.

Quote of Today:
“I had MarcAngelo sausages for dinner last night and I thought of you.”

When I Become A Buxom Woman

Blazer – UO
Top – H&M
Skirt &Necklace – Ruche
Shoes – Payless
Oh dear Lordy Lord! What one God’s green earth happened to my hair this day?? *yes, I did suddenly become a wonderfully buxom southern woman* For some reason it went from soft beach curls to limp rag in one fell swoop.  This is what happens when your husband has not idea of what good women’s hair is supposed to be.  That’s right, I’m blaming this one on you!  But the skirt was twirly, that kind of makes up for it right?  
Quote of Today:
“Threaten in the future.  Future threats are good.”

It’s What I Wore

Top – H&M
Blazer – UO
Pants – swapped
Boots – Feet First
Necklace – won from a giveaway
This was a quick outfit I threw together on very little sleep and absolutely no time to think whatsoever.  I see quite a few flaws, but I think it’s overall passable considering the total prep time was about 20 minutes…including hair, make-up, cup of tea, and warming baby some milk. Oh and the weird fog and humidity we’ve had is doing some weird stuff to my hair.  When I started the day, I had nicely straightened hair, but the time I started work it was a weird, flat wavy thing, and by the time I took these photos it’s was a complete write off. 
But I promised you guys honesty, so it’s only fair that I deliver.  
This is what I wore.
Quote of Today:
“Can the meteor just hit so I can go already?”
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