Top –  Maddy…K  //  Blazer – UO  //  Jeans – Gap  //  Shoes – Payless  //  Necklace – Ruche  //  Earrings – gift  //  Bracelet – Threadsence    //  Purse – Matt&Nat

Blazers huh?  That seems to be the theme the last few days.  Who would’ve thought.  Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t work in an office and therefore have absolutely no need of office attire that has been drawing me to them?  I like the structure.

Maybe that’s it.  Maybe I’m just needing some structure lately.  Standing in the checkout aisle at the grocery store while my Baby Girl dances up and down, around the other customers, twirling through and around them, at once amusing and frustrating them, I probably could use a little structure.

Since I’m unlikely to get it from my toddler anytime soon.  I guess I have to settle for a blazer.