Top – H&M
Blazer – UO
Pants – swapped
Boots – Feet First
Necklace – won from a giveaway
This was a quick outfit I threw together on very little sleep and absolutely no time to think whatsoever.  I see quite a few flaws, but I think it’s overall passable considering the total prep time was about 20 minutes…including hair, make-up, cup of tea, and warming baby some milk. Oh and the weird fog and humidity we’ve had is doing some weird stuff to my hair.  When I started the day, I had nicely straightened hair, but the time I started work it was a weird, flat wavy thing, and by the time I took these photos it’s was a complete write off. 
But I promised you guys honesty, so it’s only fair that I deliver.  
This is what I wore.
Quote of Today:
“Can the meteor just hit so I can go already?”