Backyard BBQ

A teaser of my outfit…the hat wasn’t a part of it, just my go-to sun protection.

  We really took advantage of the day today!  I had a run in the morning, and later we spent most of the time either in the backyard, on a walk or *wait for it*  watching Baby in her baby pool *shots of that later*  We had a lovely BBQ dinner out in the yard, and Baby loved gobbling up her chicken, and veggies while occasionally tossing some over the side of her high chair to Drake the Dog. 

And I promise I’ll show you my garden soon! I swear, I haven’t forgotten.

Husband posing for the camera.
Baby’s still not used to the grass.

When You Fall…

Jacket – Old Navy; Shirt – swapped; Belt – ?; Skirt – ?; Shoes – Aldo

I was trying something new with my camera and it kind of failed.  But oh well.  If you don’t try, you never learned.  So I messed with these shots as much as I could to stylize them a little.  I promise better ones are on the way!

This is the outfit I wore yesterday to the last day of the music video shoot.  But I forgot to take shots yesterday, so I quickly jumped into it today to snap some pics.  And of course, today’s outfit is on the way.

So, I got yet another email saying that it was between me and another woman for a role and they went with the other woman.  Bummer.

Guess I got to pick myself up and get back on those horses.

Husband Always Gets My Best Side

Jacket – Jacob; Dress – Esprit; Belt – Hadley Pollett; Tights – gift; Wellies – Petite Pied; Bag – Matt by Matt&Nat.

As you know Husband takes my photos when he’s home – otherwise it’s me and the tripod.  But whenever he shoots he always nabs shots of me making the silliest faces.  Usually I choose not to use them, but sometimes I just have to! 

It seems like my most used accessories for the spring are an umbrella and wellies!  And yesterday was no exception.  I’m becoming a pro at styling for the rain…maybe not.  Do you know what I’m loving though?  Soft, pastel *gasp* shades for nail polish like the pale green I’m wearing in the pics.  I’m eager to get a baby blue as well.  Any recommendations? 


Sweater – made by my Babcia; Shirt – H&M; Tank – Gap; Necklace – F21; Jeans – from Spain; Boots – somewhere in NYC.

Sorry I haven’t been able to post in a while.  I’ve been trying to organize my photo archives and have been distracted getting that up and running.  And then I was on the air last night hosting – thanks for tuning in those who watched – so I relaxed and enjoyed myself there.  Today, I had a great lunch with a fabulous friend as well.  and so the days have simply gotten away from me! 

But I’m back and good to go and ready for action. 

I just discovered Etsy! *well, not really*  I had used it before but I just discovered the fabulous assortment of vintage clothing you can get there!  So excited!  Just browsing is sooo much fun!

True Story: Baby loved eating her lentils and rice this evening!  And surprisingly, most of it ended up in her mouth!

Windstorms Of Amsterdam

My mind is all a flutter today.  It’s a bit of pathetic fallacy, what with the rain and wind outside, but it’s also a bit situational.  You see in the past while, I’ve been going to a string of auditions and getting this close to getting the role in each one.  And it’s starting to get me all in a whirlwind.  Husband said that I should be proud that I got so close, but I say, “Does anyone remember the guy who got this close to playing Obi Wan?  Or Han Solo? No.”  There are no runners up in acting.  Hence my brain is clouded and whirling.  It’s not a negative place, just a questioning and confusing place.

So I thought it fitting to share with you my shots from Amsterdam.  The graffiti *random, chaotic art*, the weather while I was there, and the thoughts going on in my head at the time were all very similar to what’s happening up in my head right now. 

Hope you enjoy the pics!

Random Sundays: April (or May) Showers Bring Spring Flowers

I was going to show you my garden today, but alas it’s raining cats and dogs today.  That’s great for my veggies and stuff, but not so good for taking the camera out and snapping shots.  So for now, I thought I’d show you some fun and dandy things that have been making themselves known in my backyard.  *I snapped these a few days ago before the rain*


Zip-up – Walmart; Jeans – Guess; Socks – Calvin Klein.

I’m not one to whine and complain.  Sometimes things aren’t well.  Sometimes Baby won’t let you sleep and the whole day gets on your nerves.  I did get the garden done, or more like my Mama got it done for me and then told me all about it. Thank goodness for Mamas!  I’ll show you the pics tomorrow.  

Have a great Saturday night!

See y’all tomorrow!

Flowers And A Garden

Hat – Ruche; Dress – Spotted Moth; Belt – F21; Shoes – AE.

It’s finally beautiful outside and my pasty self is coming out to play!  But not too much – big hats and sunscreen in full effect here!  I’m loving hats lately and simply can’t get enough of big floppy ones, and fedoras!  You’ll see a lot of those this summer.  And on the agenda this weekend is my garden – so hopefully I’ll have some veggies and herbs to show you soon.  That’s if my black thumb doesn’t get in the way.

True Story:  Baby loves to play “I’m Gonna Get You!”  I say it to her and she runs *crawls* away as fast as she can screaming and giggling until I catch her and tickle her.   So cute it kills me!

May I Offer You Some Grass With Your Coffee?

That’s when i noticed I had baby food on my skirt.
Shirt – AE; Belt & Skirt – thrifted; Shoes – AE.

This skirt is too big for me, but I really like it, so I hitched it up and tightened a belt around it. Voila!  I made it fit.  I’m loving the whole Annie Hall/70’s vibe that’s trendy right now.  Loose clothing, longer skirts, big floppy hats.  I’m diggin’ it!

So while I was enjoying my coffee with a friend, Baby cleaned the entire cafe patio with her knees.  She got into every single thing and scrubbed that deck spotless with her wriggling around!  Oh, and grass is apparently a great appetizer.  I caught Baby eating it in the backyard just before I took her in to have dinner.  *sigh*

Let The Sun Shine In

Fedora – ?; Glasses – F21; Shirt – thrifted; Jeans – Guess; Flip Flops – Abercrombie&Fitch.

I spent most of the day outside with Baby today.  She loves the backyard, even though she’s very wary of the grass.  Other than that, it’s been an uneventful day.  Husband gets back tomorrow from his business trip and I’m looking forward to some help ’cause Baby has been giving me a run for my money in the nights.  I could use some sleep!

On another note, the music video shoot I was doing has been postponed on account of the fact that it’s thunderstorming tonight and tomorrow.  That means I have the day off – just an audition in the morning.  I hope I get it, ’cause I’d get to play a kick-butt assassin! 

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