Poor Drake, Is Nothing Sacred?

Still can’t Baby to get over her obsession with Drake the Dog’s food.  She loves to throw it about the kitchen and of course chew on a few choice pieces.  Again, I’ve given up fighting with her eating it.  It’s organic, sugar, wheat, and corn free….and on the plus side, her hair has a wonderful sheen to it lately!

Swingin’ Round Town

We took Baby for her first swing ride *is that right??*  and like everything else, she cried at the very beginning when we put her in.  But soon enough she was entranced with the chain and how it went back and forth, and she had a big grin on her face as she came closer to me, then further, etc. etc.

Honestly, I think we had more fun watching her than she had actually swinging.

I’m starting to understand what they mean when people say they grow up so fast.  She’s getting to be a big girl!!

And mmmmmaybe I took the opportunity to jump on the swing myself.  Just maybe.

Air Conditioning Overkill

Necklace – F21; Earrings – somewhere in Europe; Tank – thrifted; Sweater – Costa Blanca; Cargos – Esprit; Shoes – Rocketdog (Winners).

You know one thing I don’t like about summer?  The studio becomes crazy air-conditioned, so that even on the hot, hot days I have to wear *or bring* a sweater and have my legs covered.  I’m not a fan of such strong air-conditioning; the environmentalist in me gets livid at the use of energy.  But that’s the reasoning behind this outfit.  It was light enough to wear outside, and with the pants rolled up, it allowed me to stay cool, while at the same time the sweater and the fact that I could roll down my pants kept me warm once I got to the studio and settled in for the evening live on-air shift. 

And I have to say it was a great shift in that we aired some fabulous movies and and I had a lot to say.  I also said some silly things, but hey, I’m a nerd what can you do? 

Sunday Can Be Arresting

Hat&Sunglasses – F21; Shirt – Smart Set; Shorts – Jacob; Sandals – Zellers.

It was very hot yesterday *yay!!!*  I wanted to wear long pants to cover all the bruises on my legs from the music video shoot , but seeing as that was just not possible I opted for Bermuda shorts.  They didn’t cover everything, but there was no way I would’ve made it through the day with long pants.  I spent a lot of time walking that day, and among the parks and shops and people cycling, I saw the other lovely sites of a large city:  someone getting arrested right in front of me and about three cop cars parked right there dealing with it.  Like I say, summer brings out the crazy in everyone.

What did you do with your Sunday?

Random Sundays: Lonely Benches

Went walking today, and these are some of the things I saw.  Nothing grand and extreme, but the bench was all by itself in the middle of a green park.  No view. No playground.  Nothing.  Just a lonely bench.  And walking by I saw this house with the wall around it, and it just looked so nice.  It made me sigh.  *aahhhh…*

My Brother-In-Law and his wonderful wife invited us to their house for a BBQ and yum!  The ribs and potatoes were delish!  And Baby finally got over her fear or her Uncle!  Yay!

My Brother-In-Law with Baby.  Backs of heads, I know, but you know I don’t want to publish Baby’s face.

Mother Nature You Have a Twisted Sense of Humour

Dress & Cardi – Ruche; Belt – F21; Boots – somewhere in NYC.

Guess what??  It’s cold and rainy here…again.  What are you gonna do right?  The weather was not going to stop me from wearing a pretty dress.  But I didn’t last long in it, so I’m going to have to wear this again sometime.  Maybe when my legs aren’t covered in goosebumps.

Regardless, it’s a lazy day.  I watched a movie while Baby played on the floor in front of me.  Now she’s sleeping and I’m going to watch Big Bang Theory season 4.  *Sheldon and I are soulmates*

And I’m trying to convince Husband to order take out for dinner.  It feels like a take-out kind of day.  

Now if only I could decide: pizza or chinese???

Two Outfit Posts In One Day? What?!?

Sunglasses & Dress – F21; Bangles – Ardene; Flip Flops – Abercrombie&Fitch.

So I thought I’d post this outfit before the days got away from me and the pic were just sitting on my computer.  I wore this to set for Day 2 on the music video I recently shot.  I would’ve liked to wear cute nude sandals, but the flip flops were a practical necessity: the shoes I wear for the shoot are really hot and I wanted to have these to change into for shots where you didn’t see my feet.

Oh and FYI – I have a black bruise on my hip and two on my knees from the shoot, plus a bad sunburn on the back of my neck in the shape of a Vee – the exact shape the costume didn’t cover.  The bruises and hurt have really made me nostalgic for training days.  So I’m gonna try the Muay Thai place around the corner.  It’s not Kung Fu (my specialty) but it’s still a cool Martial Art.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

I just had to share this with you: my friend, Reggy,  commented on my photo and says I look like Katie Holmes in these shots.  I’m very flattered *blush*

My Hey-Kid-Get-Off-My-Lawn Baby.

Shirt – Buffalo (thrifted); Jeans – Guess; Shoes – AE.

I managed to get dressed today!  Yay!  This is an accomplishment you see since Baby is not letting us sleep at night.  At all.  So I’m proud that I managed to shower and get dressed. 
What’s more, I managed to take shots of it.  Double Yay! 
But I realize that I forgot to put on make-up.  Ooops! 
Que Sera Sera.

I just got an email from a friend yesterday. It was a picture email.  A picture of her new shoes.  I’m jealous.  She better not come home, ’cause those shoes just might disappear from her closet.  Abducted by aliens.  Seriously, it happens.

True Story:  Baby is standing at the front screen door banging the phone on the door and yelling at people walking by.  I thought people only did that once they reached a certain crotchety age.  But no.  It starts at birth.

Time Is A Malleable Thing

Earrings and Bracelet – F21; T-Shirt – Dehlias ; Skirt – Spotted Moth; Shoes – Zellers.

 So I’m done my shoots for a bit. I’ve got rehearsals for two projects coming up, live on air shifts and probably more auditions, but right now it’s quiet and therefore I’m taking a small breather. I like being busy, but I also like the quiet moments where I can just enjoy the time.

Oh and Baby’s first birthday is coming up.  That completely blows my mind.  At times it feels like we’ve had her forever *especially when she keeps up at night* and other times it feels like we’ve had her just a few short weeks.  But it’s been a year.  One whole year.

Today I watched her watching Backyardigans and was completely mesmerized.  That cute little nose, those lips hanging open in wonderment, and those smooth porcelain cheeks.  I made those.  I nourished and grew them.  And they’re beautiful.  As is the mischievous little personality that thinks I don’t see her splashing in Drake the Dog’s water bowl.

True Story: Opened the fridge, took out almond milk to put in my coffee, put milk back, turned around and found Baby eating Drake the Dog’s food.  His food is organic and sugar free, so at least she’ll have a shiny head of hair.

“B%#$h Boots”

Husband started snapping shots while I was trying to get the music I just put on my phone to work.

I couldn’t figure it out.

I started to get a bit frustrated.
Grooving to Britney’s ‘Femme Fatale’
Shirt – Smart Set; Shorts – AE; Glasses – F21; Boots – Feet First; Socks – Sears

 This past Sunday I had a day out to myself.  I went browsing stores, had lunch, bought a trashy magazine and generally bummed around.  I needed that break after being alone with Baby for five days when she’s teething – whiny, sucky and crying from morning to night.  I needed a break.

So Sunday, after a wonderful run, I headed out.

Since it’s finally warm, the shorts have come out.  I didn’t used to wear shorts.  I was always oddly self-conscious about how my legs looked in shorts.  Don’t know why.  It’s not like I have any weird disfigurement that should make me self-conscious.  But I was.  Over the last few years though I’ve relaxed a bit about myself and gotten over some of those weird image idiosyncrasies *not all of them, mind you, just some*  And I’ve come to really love short shorts!  Since the weather said it was going to be warm with rain in the evening, I wanted something that would work for both.  Shorts for the warmth, long sleeve button up for when it got a little chillier in the evening, and boots for the rain so my feet don’t get wet.  Hence, this outfit was born.

Why was I staying out in the evening?  ‘Cause I was having dinner with the wonderful crew of Posthuman, the web series I’m working on.  And the title of the post comes from Jason, aka “Porter”, who referred to these gray slouchies as ‘b@$#h boots.”  Seriously, you need to check out this show!  Episode three has a tiny cameo before my character really jumps in and gets dirty, and the newest mini-episode gives you a little more background into who I’m playing – Dorothy Ascher.  Let me know what you think.  You know I love to hear from you.

Oh and don’t forget to check out the Behind-the-Scenes video below.  We get silly!

Posthuman: Behind The Scenes of “The Past: Promises Reckoned” Teaser from Lyndon Horsfall on Vimeo.

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