Fedora – ?; Glasses – F21; Shirt – thrifted; Jeans – Guess; Flip Flops – Abercrombie&Fitch.

I spent most of the day outside with Baby today.  She loves the backyard, even though she’s very wary of the grass.  Other than that, it’s been an uneventful day.  Husband gets back tomorrow from his business trip and I’m looking forward to some help ’cause Baby has been giving me a run for my money in the nights.  I could use some sleep!

On another note, the music video shoot I was doing has been postponed on account of the fact that it’s thunderstorming tonight and tomorrow.  That means I have the day off – just an audition in the morning.  I hope I get it, ’cause I’d get to play a kick-butt assassin!