Necklace – F21; Earrings – somewhere in Europe; Tank – thrifted; Sweater – Costa Blanca; Cargos – Esprit; Shoes – Rocketdog (Winners).

You know one thing I don’t like about summer?  The studio becomes crazy air-conditioned, so that even on the hot, hot days I have to wear *or bring* a sweater and have my legs covered.  I’m not a fan of such strong air-conditioning; the environmentalist in me gets livid at the use of energy.  But that’s the reasoning behind this outfit.  It was light enough to wear outside, and with the pants rolled up, it allowed me to stay cool, while at the same time the sweater and the fact that I could roll down my pants kept me warm once I got to the studio and settled in for the evening live on-air shift. 

And I have to say it was a great shift in that we aired some fabulous movies and and I had a lot to say.  I also said some silly things, but hey, I’m a nerd what can you do?