I’m Excited About My Haircut!

Cardi – Old Navy; Belt – H&M; Dress – Ruche; Tights – Hue; Shoes – Payless; Scarf – street stand.

I got a haircut!  I also did some voice over work *read about that here*But back to the haircut.  I’m excited about this and I’ll tell you why.  Remember when I chopped off allllll of my hair? As I’m sure you know, bobs have a different angle of cut then other, longer styles.  They’re longer at the front and shorter in the back, while regular haircuts do the opposite – longer at the back and shorter at the front.  Anyway, since then I’ve been growing it back out again.  And my hairdresser has been slowly and carefully changing back the angel so as not to give me a dramatic cut that would dishearten how much I’ve grown it out.  Weellll, after this last appointment she said that it’s now at the right angle, and no longer going to look wonky…at least not from the cut – the styling is all up to me.   So that’s why I’m so happy.  ‘Cause my hair is now all back to the way it should…only shorter.  But that takes time.  Unless someone can donate hair extensions.


Anyone? Bueller?  Bueller?

Quote of Today:
“If I can just say ‘bear’,’dog’, and ‘cheese’ everything will be all right.”

Baby’s Labour Day Weekend

Some good eats.

A huge new vaccum to play with.

Lots of walking and lounging by the pool.

And a new game of opening and closing the screen door. 
True Story:
Went to the Doctor’s today with Baby *she’s fine* Had to get her naked for the exam.  
Stripped her down to her diaper, but she really wanted to walk around.  So I put her socks back on.  Result?
Naked Baby in socks walking around the whole doctor’s office.

How Do You Feel About A Sex Strike?

Cardi – F21; Dress – H&M; Socks – Hue; Boots – Ruche.

Dress – Mendocino; Bandeau – Jean Machine; Belt – H&M; Shoes – Payless.

I got a haircut and I’m eager to show it to you.  It’s not much of a change but still it looks better.  Anyway, I still had two outfits from before the haircut, so I’m including both of them in one post to share with you.  This way I can start fresh tomorrow.  On both of these days I was feeling slobby and these are outfits that I just bummed around the house in – my version of sweatpants and a hoodie.  So forgive their relaxation and lack of forethought/creativity.

Now on to something more interesting…

I recently read something interesting in Marie Claire magazine: In a small town in Colombia women are withholding sex in order to motivate the men in their lives to push for the local government to pave the area’s main road.  The road is a vital connection between the town and the rest of the country.

The first thing that strikes me is that the women themselves seem to lack the political power to be active themselves – they seem to have to work through the men rather than themselves.  This is something I find sad in the 21st century.  But the second thing that strikes me is their resourcefulness to get something done.  The collaboration and organization that went in to enacting a town-wide sex strike is impressive.  And lastly, this article reminds me of something my Ancient Civilizations high-school teacher once said at the beginning of the school year to the guys in the rooms: “If there’s one thing you learn this year it’s this: no matter what you may think, women rule the world.”

But while we’re on the subject of women in this world.  I was appalled and offended by the current “Allergic to Algebra” shirt that Forever XXI is selling on their site.  And this comes just after the JC Penney “I’m too pretty for homework so my brother does it for me” shirt debacle.  Really?  Are we trying to tell young women that their looks are more important than their brains?  As a woman and mother, I’m disgusted. 

Outside My Sartorial Comfort Zone

Dress – Ruche (here) ; Belt – F21; Shoes – Payless

   Thanks so much to all my new friends from Rose a la Mode!  It’s so great to have you visit me here in my little corner of the internet. And while we’re doing little shout outs, thanks to Mommy Connections for having me as their featured guest blogger!  Check out that article here.

   How do you like the dress?  It’s really quite outside my comfort zone. It’s so bright and features yellow very prominently.  I’m not one for much of either, so I felt a little wary of putting on this dress.  But when I saw it online I was in love, so I decided to chance it.  The only thing that was a surprise is that online it looked like it was white, but in reality it’s a very warm cream.  I was a little disappointed by that since I wanted stark white, but it’s so pretty I wasn’t going to kick up a fuss about that.

   I wore it on air, and I have to say I really liked how it looked on camera.  It’s definitely going to be a repeat offender at the studio!  Plus, I got several really nice spontaneous compliments and well, you know I’m a sucker for flattery.

   I’d love to hear about you though.   How have you stepped out of your sartorial comfort zone?  How did you fare? 

Quote of Today:
“Jo, are you wearing Audrey’s socks on your hand?”
“Yes, yes I am.”

Tuesday In Review: Pure+Simple Sensitive Skin Facial Oil

It’s green in the bottle, but it goes on clear.  You can’t even see it in the picture.

For a while now I’ve been using an amazing product on my skin at night, practically every night.  It’s Pure+Simple’s Sensitive Skin Facial Oil.  I have very sensitive skin, combined with oily and acne prone skin – possibly the worst combo you can have.  But this oil is wonderful for whatever ails you.

It soothes and calms any inflammation, while healing the damage that makeup (for the camera) and the environment cause on a daily basis.  But what might be surprising is that I use an oil for my oily/acne prone skin.  It seems counter-intuitive to most to put oil on acne or oily skin, but actually it’s the best thing ever.  Since this oil heals my skin it helps to get rid of older acne, and since it soothes, it helps to prevent acne by nourishing and keeping my skin from getting angry *I really can’t explain it any other way*  The right oil – natural and organic and pure – doesn’t clog pores and doesn’t cause breakouts.  Quite the opposite.  I’ve found that since using it I’ve had far fewer breakouts, softer skin, and less of any red angry flare ups.  I also love that it repairs the skin really well and therefore staves off signs of aging.  Super Bonus!

And I love that it’s bright, bright green!  It makes me smile every time I reach for it. 

I’m going to be trying some hopefully really great new products soon – very natural and pure as well, but until such time, and should those products disappoint – I know I have this trusty standby. 

Gambling On Contradictions

Shirt – Jacob; Skirt & Belt – H&M; Shoes – Payless.

 Sorry about no Random Sunday post. I was veeeeerrry tired, headach-ey, and time of the month-ey.  So I crashed. Hey, no one’s perfect right?

I love that I managed to nab this skirt for only $10!  Granted I was 8 months pregnant at the time.  And no I didn’t fit in it then, I took a gamble that I would return to my pre-pregnancy size.  I figured that for $10 I could take the risk.  But I’m so glad that it paid off.  I love the pleats and a-line of this skirt, but I also really like how the retro nature of it is balanced by the abstract, almost bleeding, pattern.  It makes the whole piece more modern I think.  Pieces that have this contradictory nature appeal because they are always really interesting and fresh.

Quote of Today:
“Audrey was just doing quality control, and there are indeed 22 panty liners in a package.”

Introducing Rose a la Mode

Hello! I’m Linda from Rose a la Mode and I’d like to be friends. Joanna and I go waaaaay back. We started our blogs around the same time (over a year ago already!) and so we decided to do a post swap today! I do hope you’ll stop by and visit me once in a while. Here’s a little preview of what you’ll find: my favorite things. I do post photos of what I wear, but I also talk about my favorite things I find and can’t get enough of. This week it seems to be the most comfortable wedges! Now these wedges I got from Target 2 years ago and they’re just starting to go downhill. Boooooooo! But they’re so comfortable, that I can’t seem to take them off. I honestly could wear them all day long and they still don’t hurt.

Another bonus is they look great dressed up (see photo #2) Plus, they look great for this transition into fall since they’re leather instead of rope. I found an insane pair by Frye that I’m considering investing in because these are just that great. They seem to make my life better. Oh, and they go with EVERYTHING!

What are your favorite things?


Let’s Splish Splash!

Hat – gift; Cardi – F21; Dress – H&M; Belt & Bralette – Ruche; Sandals – Zellers.

Summer has returned for one last blast with a tremendous heat wave.  I must confess that though I relish the warmth, I could easily pass on the humidity.  So it’s back to the summer essentials – large hat and sunglasses.  And I don’t know about you but my skin seems to really be breaking out during this transition time from summer to fall.  Are you experiencing that?  Well, since I’m trying to move from chemical to natural cosmetics, I’m looking for a good oil to use on my face.  Suggestions?

To help alleviate the heat, we all headed to the splash pad, and Baby once again got a spray of water in her face.  She never learns.  But it’s sooo cute!

True Story:
At the splash pad we ran into a little girl who is 18 months.  
And Baby (at 14 months) stands a good 5 inches taller.  
Can we say pro-basketball player?

BSG Game Night

My best friend is getting married!!  Next July.  She just recently got engaged and we decided to invite them over for dinner and games night to celebrate.  They’re a wonderful couple that are perfectly matched to one another.  I look forward to being her Matron of Honor.  And to throwing her bachelorette party!

Blueberry Cherry Pie!

Some bubbly to toast the occasion.

These two are hilarious!

BSG after dessert.  Who was the cylon?  Blair – Em’s new fiance.  
I knew there was something shady about him.

Drake’s new favorite place to be.  

Rain Dance Dress

Dress – Ruche; Belt – AE; Shoes – Payless.

It seems that whenever I decide to wear a striped dress it rains.  I wonder what kind of weird karma that is?  Maybe it’s my rain dance dress?  Anyway, I love it.   It’s soooo twirly!  And I’m going to have fun dressing it up and down all Fall and Winter long *hey, outfits are the only thing to look forward to in winter…I hate the cold!*  The dress is a little big for me, but it looks okay with a belt tied round it, and it’ll be fined layered with cardis.  Better a little loose than too tight I say!

Happy Labour Day Friday!  *we spell it with ‘our’ here in Canada*

True Story:
Yesterday the postman came to deliver the mail and
Drake the Dog ran up to the screen door to bark at him.  
The postman
just laughed at him.  
Even he knows not to take Drake seriously.
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