Shirt – Jacob; Skirt & Belt – H&M; Shoes – Payless.

 Sorry about no Random Sunday post. I was veeeeerrry tired, headach-ey, and time of the month-ey.  So I crashed. Hey, no one’s perfect right?

I love that I managed to nab this skirt for only $10!  Granted I was 8 months pregnant at the time.  And no I didn’t fit in it then, I took a gamble that I would return to my pre-pregnancy size.  I figured that for $10 I could take the risk.  But I’m so glad that it paid off.  I love the pleats and a-line of this skirt, but I also really like how the retro nature of it is balanced by the abstract, almost bleeding, pattern.  It makes the whole piece more modern I think.  Pieces that have this contradictory nature appeal because they are always really interesting and fresh.

Quote of Today:
“Audrey was just doing quality control, and there are indeed 22 panty liners in a package.”