Dress – Ruche (here) ; Belt – F21; Shoes – Payless

   Thanks so much to all my new friends from Rose a la Mode!  It’s so great to have you visit me here in my little corner of the internet. And while we’re doing little shout outs, thanks to Mommy Connections for having me as their featured guest blogger!  Check out that article here.

   How do you like the dress?  It’s really quite outside my comfort zone. It’s so bright and features yellow very prominently.  I’m not one for much of either, so I felt a little wary of putting on this dress.  But when I saw it online I was in love, so I decided to chance it.  The only thing that was a surprise is that online it looked like it was white, but in reality it’s a very warm cream.  I was a little disappointed by that since I wanted stark white, but it’s so pretty I wasn’t going to kick up a fuss about that.

   I wore it on air, and I have to say I really liked how it looked on camera.  It’s definitely going to be a repeat offender at the studio!  Plus, I got several really nice spontaneous compliments and well, you know I’m a sucker for flattery.

   I’d love to hear about you though.   How have you stepped out of your sartorial comfort zone?  How did you fare? 

Quote of Today:
“Jo, are you wearing Audrey’s socks on your hand?”
“Yes, yes I am.”