“And when you find her you’ll know. She’s going to change your life. Let her. It doesn’t hurt. Trust me. She is going to push you. Let her. It will better you. Don’t ever push her away, because as much as you need her whether you think you do or no, she needs you more. So when you find her and you know, don’t ever let her go.” – R.M. Broderick

I love this quote because in it I get a sense of two individual people who do best together, pushing each other, and letting each other in, but remaining distinctly unique individuals. Wanting to share yourself and your life with another, but keeping it your life. That desire to need to be with another person while not giving up yourself, is to me, the essence of love. Despite how contrary that might sound.

Dress – Reformation *thrifted*
Necklace – gift from my Mom
Hat – Brixton
Sandals – Clarks