“There are voices out there reminding you that you are never quite doing life right. And those voices are there by design. Because the more you doubt your path, what you have, and what you want, the easier it is to sell you more crap.” All Things Aside by Iliza Schlesinger.

Amen, sister! Thank you. Yes! Yes! Yes! Everyone, including on here, is selling you something. It drives me freakin’ bonkers. And no, I don’t mean the normal contract of websites and social media of everyone clearly wanting likes – me included. I mean the constant wanting you to open your wallet, and/or fork over your credit card for that phone game, that yoga app, or that subscription, etc. And how they do it is to make you feel like you suck. And you probably don’t, so just mentally tell ’em all to, “%$^& off!” Repeatedly. Trust me, it feels great.

Dress – I forget and it’s gone now anyway.
Shoes – CCC
No make-up and hair done.