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Top-Down Knitting Forever

I am addicted to top down knitting for two simple reasons.

Handmade outfit

Kind of cool to wear an entire outfit I made.

Puffed Sleeve Knit

Lots of time to worry means lots of time to knit. So knit I have. And have.

Forest Berry Jacket

Right before I left I finished this little number and had enough yarn left over to make myself a matching vest.

Inevitable Sharing

Cold, means layering and sweater dresses.

Cozy Hand Knit Top Down Sweater

A warm wool sweater that can be thrown over for a cozy comfy feel.

Hand Knit Sweater with Varigated Yarn

New hand knit sweater.

An Oldie But A Goodie

I made this dress last year.

Leaf Purl Sweater

Another creation from someone else’s stash purge.

Canadian, yup.

Tell me you’re Canadian without telling me you’re Canadian:

“I’m wearing a toque and flannel.”

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