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So I made a sweater out of this yarn already, but honestly, it didn’t come out right and it didn’t fit right.

Coral Flower Sweater

This sweater was fun and a bit challenging to make.

Pink Puffed Sleeve Sweater

Oh man oh man, was this sweater a grind.

Estonian Lace Shawl

Made a friend a lace knit triangle shawl from an Estonian lace pattern.

Another Recovery Sweater

This is one of my “post cancer surgery recovery” sweaters.

You guessed it!

Yup, another sweater.

Moments to Heal

Trying to find moments of joy.


Well, recovery is going slowly, as I’ve already said.

Motley Sweater

There’s a bunch of sweaters headed your way.

Knitting and Watching

So I’ve been doing a lot of watching and knitting.

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