Treat yo self. Such a great mantra. But in today’s world, it’s been twisted to promote purchasing.

It’s used as a justification to buy something – usually clothes or make up for women. And I think that’s a sad thing.

Yes, you should treat yourself. You can’t pour from an empty cup. But I don’t think that things necessarily treat you – or at least treat you well. They’re actually more likely to be a source of stress. Everything has a cost – in money, space, upkeep, and energy. So is it really a treat when you give up all that for that thing?

But ‘things’ are a great reward. And there are ways to use things as a reward, especially when they align with your goals. If you want to treat yourself. Pin that sustainably made dress (hello Doen and Christy Dawn, I’m looking at you) to the top of your search bar, and set a sustainable fashion goal.

Ideas are:
Buying five less things month for six months.
Purging and selling the items you don’t use/wear.
Learning how to sew a basic dress/top.
Getting rid of xxx amount of consumer debt.

Whatever your goal, make it concrete realistic, but challenging. Too easy and it’s not worth doing, too hard and you’ll set yourself up for failure. But if you set a goal, and save the money (this one is key!), then rewarding yourself at the end is a great way to motivate yourself. Remember, I’m not telling you to never shop, I’m telling you to do is intentionally.

Other ways to treat yourself? Baths, naps, quiet time, a walk, run, a lounge in the park with a good book, coffee with your girlfriend. Activities and time spent with yourself or loved ones are the best way to ‘treat yo self!”

Top – Joe Fresh, thrifted
Pants – Spell? (the tag’s gone)
Boots and Bag – thrifted
Necklace – bought in PEI