The travelling art installation came to Toronto.

And of course it’s geared towards the night life. It’s geared towards evening shenanigans along with the Stella Artois lounge. They are set up with tables and ropes for lines to enter the installation rooms. But….

….if you’re like myself, you prefer day. I’m kind of over going out late into the night and partying. I like to go to bed, get a good night sleep and fill my days. Plus, when you’re two freelancers with a young child a morning date is a definite plus!

So off for the 10:30am opening we went. Caffeinated, and rested and enjoying the 30% discount. It was nearly empty, but I personally found that so great. No line-ups, and a lot more freedom to take our time and enjoy.

There was one room where you sit with a stranger and ask 29 questions off a deck of cards – that we did together as there was no one else there. Yes, we skipped some because we know each other well. But what was wonderful was that we learned some new things about one another, even after 15 years.

Moral of the story: check out the art installations in your area – you never know what kind of experience you’ll have.